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We believe everybody (and every body!) should feel AMAZING in their own skin. For many women, thigh chafing makes it difficult to feel comfortable and confident every day. Whether you’re a busy mother, an active runner or a runway model – if you love your thighs, your thighs will love Bandelettes®!

Bandelettes® is proud to present our anti-chafing Thigh Bands that feel great, look sexy and stay put all day long.


How It Works

  • While standing, measure the widest part of your bare thigh using a cloth tape measure.
  • Select your size and colors.
  • Put them on! Feel comfortable, look sexy, and prevent inner thigh chafing all day long!

Do They Really Stay Put?

Our patented thigh chafing prevention design features two silicone bands that help your Bandelettes® stay in place, no matter your shape or how you move. Not convinced? Watch this professional dancer put our thigh bands to the test!

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