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5 Times Chub Rub Prevents You from Having Fun

You step outside of the house, looking like a million bucks. Your confidence level is at an all-time high. You feel so good. Even the hot scorching sun can’t ruin your day. Is that a challenge, the sun says? Soon, you begin chafing.. When your thighs touch each other,...

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Thigh Bands Are The Ultimate Halloween Lingerie Accessories

Halloween is almost around the corner. Have you decided on what type of Halloween costume you’ll wear this year? If you have yet to decide, we can provide you with some incredible Halloween costume ideas you can consider wearing. Worried about your costume chafing...

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NYFW Bandelettes® Collaboration With Chromat

Bandelettes is all about the body positive. This NYC Fashion Week 2018, they teamed up with the fashion label Chromat to produce a very ground-breaking show. The Bandelettes brand combined their sexy lingerie with Chromats eclectic fashion collection. The runway show...

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Losing Weight? Resolve to Love Yourself on Your Way

There is nothing like a brand new year to inspire change, and the key to success is often a shift in thinking. Whether you are already on your way to a happier, healthier you, or you plan to begin your weight loss journey New Year's Day, here are some tips for loving...

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Expand Your Wardrobe With These Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

For centuries, skirts and dresses have been associated with sensuality and femininity. Sure, the urge to grab those basic pants sometimes wins, but there's just something about pulling on a long Bohemian style or a figure-flatteirng pencil design that makes a woman...

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How To Feel Body Positive For The Holidays

Are you in a holiday slump? There is so much pressure this time of year to feel nothing but happiness & cheer. The truth is, many of us are so busy handling our day-to-day tasks and getting ready for the holidays, that we start to neglect ourselves. Before we know...

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Treat Yourself With A Gift Of Bandelettes®

Deck the halls with... Bandelettes? Okay, we may be getting a little carried away here, but let this be your friendly reminder not to forget yourself this year in the holiday shuffle. We know, we know... you're busy decorating and shopping so you can shower your loved...

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