Wearing underwear as outerwear is a fashion trend that’s been popular since the early 90s and continues to reinvent itself.  From high fashion to the mainstream, the underwear as outerwear trend is hot right now. The trend’s mainly been driven by celebrities who wear lingerie or intimate apparel in place of clothing, which is great because it gives you another excuse to buy some gorgeous lingerie that’s just dying to be seen…

So, if you’ve got a gorgeous piece of lingerie, you might as well flaunt it! At least that’s the attitude of celebrities who continue to wear the trend in one form or another. Rihanna, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Kendal Jenner, and Bella Hadid have all been seen showing off their underwear rather than reserving it for the bedroom.

A Brief (Pun Intended) History Of Underwear As Outerwear

1984 – Madonna wears a lace bustier on the album cover for Like A Virgin
1990 – Madonna dons the (now infamous) John Paul Gaultier corset bustier during her Blonde Ambition tour
1996 – Princess Diana gives slip dresses the royal seal of approval
1996 – Sporty spice makes wearing a sports bra as a top a thing
1998 – Carrie Bradshaw (styled by Patricia Field) makes a visible bra a must-have style
2002 – Christina Aguilera releases the video clip for Dirrty and flaunts her underpants
2018 – Kim Kardashian popularizes the trend for wearing lingerie body suits with trousers and skirts
2019 – Kim again wears her underwear outside, this time popularizing the current trend for lace bike shorts

How To Work The Lingerie Trend

Wearing your lingerie as outerwear doesn’t have to be super sexy or Avant Garde. While everything from pajamas, kimonos, bras, and underwear has crossed from the private to the public sphere, there are plenty of toned down and chic ways to work the trend. Functional underwear hidden under your clothes is over. Intimates designed to be seen is the new normal.

3 Ways You Can Work The Underwear As Outerwear Trend

underwear as outwear trend

Festival Style Underwear

If there was ever a time to have fun with fashion, it’s the festival season. It’s become completely acceptable to wear next to nothing at music festivals. In the heat of the desert at Coachella, who can really disagree that less clothing is more comfortable?

Festival fashionistas love everything sheer, whether it’s a kimono, sheer PJ pants or a sheer bralette. Lace bike shorts made their way down the runway at designers Nina Ricci, Saint Laurent, Off-White, and others during Paris Fashion Week 2018. Now the trend has left the runways and hit the festival scene as a 2019 must-have. To embrace the trend, you can wear our Elegance Lace Panty shorts over underwear for a sexy look, under a bodysuit, or under denim hot pants. Another hot trend from the festival season is a full-length lace pant. That’s a little more skin than some want to show, and this kind of lace can be itchy. Bandelettes thigh bands or panty shorts are an excellent option for wearing under sheer pants or dresses.

The Sexy Suit

Pairing some saucy lingerie with a suit is the perfect way to create a little androgen. Lingerie under a sharp suit is a sartorial style favored by fashionistas and celebrities alike. It allows you to cover up – but still flash a little bit of skin. This season’s blazers and tailored trousers look chic paired with a lace bodysuit or bralette. To really embrace the trend wear a PJ style silk suit.

A skirt suit is another great way to work the lingerie trend. Choose a sexy skirt with a high thigh slit and pair with lace thigh bands from Bandelettes. The flash of lace gives just a glimpse of your lingerie. Thigh bands also stop legs from chafing when wearing skirts without hosiery.

The Teddy As A Top

A teddy or a lingerie bodysuit is a versatile piece of lingerie for your everyday wardrobe. These days lace bodysuits probably get worn more outside the bedroom than inside.

A lace bodysuit is easy to style. It’ll work well with the sexy suit look, or at a festival. You can also style a bodysuit with jeans or under a sheer style. It’s good to balance the sex appeal with some rock chic accessories. Pair the look with a leather jacket or chunky boots for an outfit that’s worthy of Hailey Baldwin or Kendall Jenner.

Whatever way you choose to work the trend, do so with confidence. There’s nothing more fashionable than a woman who feels fantastic! For more ideas on how to wear Bandelettes check out our guide: How To Wear Bandelettes.

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