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Article: Traveling with Bandelettes - The Packing Essential

Wearing Bandelettes to prevent summer chafing

Traveling with Bandelettes - The Packing Essential

Thigh bands are an essential item for any traveler. Bandelettes thigh bands come in handy for all types of vacations. Whether you’re traveling to a hot and humid country, going on a hiking adventure, or lounging with a cocktail in a summer dress.

Hosiery and shapewear are often impractical for travelers. Hosiery is particularly impractical in hotter or tropical climates. Thigh bands help stop your inner thighs from rubbing even in the world’s most humid destinations.

Travel Packing Essentials

When packing for a trip most of us generally either pack way too much or end up forgetting essentials. This oversight often leads to an impromptu race to a convenience store in a foreign area to pick up what we left at home. One thing we almost always forget when packing for a vacay or business trip is the proper undergarments. You want to make sure that you pack a little travel bag of underwear for any occasion or outing you have planned. That includes the right bra, panties and thigh wear accessories like Bandelettes. The great thing about traveling with Bandelettes is that they come in a variety of textures and colors that are perfect for any occasion. With Bandelettes thigh bands you never have to worry about chafing when you are out of town.

Inviting summer beach chairs

Thigh Bands On The Beach

Thigh bands are essential if you are planning a vacation where you will be very active or will be spending time in a tropical area like the beach. Grab a pair of solid colored unisex Bandelettes that can peek out under your favorite pair of shorts. Don't be afraid to share with your guy or even pick him up a pair prior to leaving town. Check out how fashion brand Chromat styled their swimwear with Bandelettes on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Thigh Bands For Business Travelers

Neutral, lace Bandelettes are ideal for a business trip. Neutrals work perfectly under a tailored dress or pencil skirt and keep you from uncomfortable chafing. These are especially helpful if you will be walking around a conference hall. Thigh bands are great for business travelers who need to rush straight from the airport and into a meeting.

Bandelettes under a skirt anyone can wear

Sexy Thigh Bands For Romantic Getaways

If you are taking a romantic getaway to relax and unwind, opt for a sexy, lacy pair of red or black Bandelettes to show off your curves. Pairing a matching bra with your favorite pair of lace thigh bands looks incredibly sultry and put together.

Thigh Bands Are A Travel Clothing Essential

Airplane travel is another occasion when anti-chafing thigh bands come in handy. Long hours spent in a cramped airplane seat can leave you uncomfortable and sweaty. The last thing you want are chafed thighs before you’ve even started your vacation! Wear a pair of Bandelettes on the plane and start your holiday in comfort!

Don't forget to pack up your Bandelettes in a sleek Bandelettes Travel Bag. Our travel bag will keep them separated and easy to find when you are looking through your bag. Make sure you visit the Bandelettes Shop to order your favorite pair before you get ready for your next trip!

For more tips on how to wear your thigh bands check out our How To Wear Bandelettes Guide.