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Bandelettes® Reviews

Our goal is to create comfortable and sexy lingerie that is a both practical and beautiful – 
to embrace curves and enhance self-confidence.

Based on 174 reviews
Waistbands are great on these

One of the standout features for me is the elastic waistband, which deserves praise for its cozy snugness and comfort. It gently hugs my waist without digging in, accommodating my (ever-changing) body shape effortlessly. This makes it an ideal choice for those days when comfort is non-negotiable.

I bought the Performance thigh bands for running, and they are fantastic. They stay in place throughout my workout, and I don't worry about chafing. It's a game-changer for anyone who gets some chafing during workouts. Highly recommend giving them a try!

These work great when it starts to get hot out. They wick away the moisture and have so far prevented any discomfort I usually get. I walk outside a lot for work.

Super stylish and comfortable!

I like the attention to detail in the design. The lace pattern is delicate and adds a touch of femininity. It's a piece of lingerie that makes me feel confident and put-together, even if it's just for myself. It's also comfortable to wear no matter what the shape I'm in.

It's a winner for me. It's seamless under clothes, so no visible panty lines—a big plus in my book!

It could be better

These are comfortable and stylish, for sure. I'm a bit concerned it might not hold up well over time, but I guess we will see.

Love its adaptability!

It's versatile and stylish making it a practical choice. It's smooth under clothes and I love that it offers a good balance of coverage and... not coverage! Def a great addition to my lingerie staples.


It's pretty, but the fit is just okay. I think I should have sized down. I'll probably exchange and give a smaller size a try.

I’ve been using these thigh bands for about a month now, and they are excellent. They stay in place and are comfortable, even at the gym. My only complaint is that they can be a bit tricky to get the right fit initially. Do as I say, not as I do — measure your thigh before buying!

I am in love with these! Wearing a dress in summer without the fear of chafing and that awful pain is pure bliss!! I would highly recommend. I ordered the lace and not only are they comfortable but they are sooo pretty and sexy too! Additionally, I am beyond impressed with their customer service. There was a very minor problem with my order so I contacted them regarding the issue. They were prompt and kind with their response and resolved the matter instantly. You will not regret ordering from them!

I wear them every hot/sunny day from spring til fall. So glad I finally found something that works, after having this problem since puberty. No matter which weight I am, my thighs touch all the same, so these are a life saviour.

They are also pretty sexy if you ask me!

I had heard about these a few years ago but never actually looked into them. I finally decided I didn’t want to wear shapewear all the time so looked into Bandelettes. I was shocked at how expensive they are but bit the bullet and ordered a pair anyways. I ordered the biggest pair and thankfully they fit, I wish they were at least 2-3 inches wider/longer though. I’m a curvy woman, not huge by any means but my thighs still chafe a bit even when I wear these. For short periods of time they aren’t bad. The pair I received was slightly damaged, I sent in a picture and was surprised at the prompt and no questions asked experience, I was sent a new pair and told to keep the old pair. Great customer service! Overall happy I bought them, most likely won’t buy more though.

I leave in the southern part of The United States. It gets very hot and I love to wear dresses as they are comfy and cool. I discovered Bandelettes and they made it even more comfy to wear dresses. They don’t move when I sweat and prevent chafing. So I now I can be cool and my thighs can be happy. Love this product.

I’m from Denmark. I found Bandalettes via Google. Was a bit hesitant about ordering from a company in US, but I’m SO glad I did.
Bandalettes have given me freedom to wear dresses. Just something so simple as that. I am now a person who can wear dresses!

I am 45 years old and I love that I can wear a dress now, for the first time in my life – without walking like a lame lumberjack after 10 minuttes because of chafing. They are easy and stay put and not restrictive.
I have bought Bandalettes for my sister as well and she is equally happy about this piece of essentiel clothing.

Thank you from Denmark.

I have tried several different brands of shorts to combat chub rub. They either roll down, creep up, or squeeze o death. And let’s not forget about how unbreathable the fabric is! I found Bandelettes and it was a whole new ball game! They are comfy, quiet when you walk, and stay in place all day even when active. I like there’s a sexier option too. I would recommend these to everyone I know!

These things are AMAZING!! I wish I had known about them many years ago (like when I was a teenager). Wore these under my wedding dress in Florida and had zero chafing issues. Wore them with a pair of short shorts to walk around Universal Studios Orlando all day. Super hot day. Gettin on and and off rides, zero movement! Amazing! These are a game changer if you want to wear skirts, dresses, short shorts, anything that makes your thighs touch. It’s amazing. Truely!

I LOVE my Bandelettes! I always dreaded wearing shorts under my sundresses because of the added fabric and heat during the summer weather, now I don’t have to worry and I have the added bonus of having a sexy little secret under my dress!

The first day I wore them it took some readjusting throughout the day to get them in the right place. Now that I’ve got the hang of them, (they sit higher up on my thigh than i thought), they stay put all day, completely stop any chafing, and I hardly notice I’m wearing them. They’ve held up through household chores, dog walking, and outdoor market shopping. Can’t wait to wear cute dresses all summer with zero chafing discomfort!

I can’t believe it took so long for me to think to look for these! Seriously, I wear the solid ones for workouts and the lace ones with dresses. Chafing is no longer a dreaded problem. So glad these exist!

I have for ones longed to wear the cute skirts and dresses in the summertime. I run hot, all the time, and the idea of putting on my thigh sucking shorts to wear a skirt when it’s 90 out? No thanks! These – are amazing. I wore to an outdoor wedding, it was 88 and about a million percent humidity. No rolling. No moving at all. No itching (I’m obnoxiously allergic to a ton of fabrics). No etching my skin. They were comfortable, put em on and forget about it easy, and lasted 8 hours with no issue whatsoever. I am in love!

I recently ordered the Bandelettes and I love them. They are comfortable and do not move. I wish I had discovered them sooner. I am finally free from the pain caused by thigh chafing. I will definitely order them again.

I just received my first order of Bandelettes, and I am totally sold! These things are the best. I’m wearing cute dresses all summer now! No more chafing or discomfort and they are super cute and sexy. I showed them off to my girlfriends the first day I wore them and now they are ordering their own Bandelettes!

I’ve had my eye on these for over a year, but couldn’t make up my mind for some reason.
I live in New Orleans, where it is SWAMPY and humid and HOT for over half the year, and also live a very active life, cycling and dog walking and working outdoors. For years I’ve endured the summers with all kinds of temporary solutions to the misery of thigh chafing, landing on either wearing slip shorts (who wants to wear an entire extra garment when it’s hot?!) or even long pants every day of the hot hot hot summer season.
Finally got myself a pair of these things and lord, I don’t want to go back. Wore my favorite little black dress for a week straight and DIDN’T CHAFE! Curious to see how long they will last, and would love to see a line from the company that is slightly more durable or “active wear” to join the roster!
Frankly I’m about to order another pair as soon as I submit this- don’t sleep on these y’all!

This product is amazing, sexy and subtle for combating the not so sexy chin rub. The bands don’t move once in place and are so comfortable you can barely tell they’re there! What’s great is if the wind picks up to lift the skirt they’re a cute edition to your outfit. I love these so much there’s no other product that compares to this quality in the UK. The team also provide amazing customer service.

I’ve always had some shapely, rounded thighs, but recent weight gain of at least 20 pounds during quarantine made them lovingly touch each other even more. Even short walks in my neighborhood in the hot and humid southeast have me painful rashes for days. I tried sprays, lotions, and friction-reducing sticks. They worked to some degree, but I had to keep reapplying, which is very awkward to do when other people are around.
A Facebook group, Travel Fashion Girls, recommended giving Bandelettes a try. I got the Unisex in the light color and the Dolce in black and beige. I measured carefully twice, a week apart, to insure I wasn’t mis-measuring from natural weight fluctuations.

Since receiving them, I’ve been hiking on a portion of the North Carolina Mountains to Sea Trail and I’ve twice been non-electric tent camping for 4-5 days at a time. There is absolutely, positively no way I could have done these things without Bandelettes. It wouldn’t have been uncomfortable without them; it would have been excruciatingly painful. My only other choice would have been tight, restrictive long shorts or pants which would have been inappropriately hot for the environment and the fabric between the legs would have worn out quickly.

My Bandelettes held up over miles and miles and miles of hiking with 100% humidity and a heat index of over 100F on many days with almost constant friction. I could hand wash them with a little castile soap and hang them to dry for the next day of hiking or camping. They look almost exactly the same now as when I received them; no noticable pilling, thinning, snags or rips. My husband also thinks they are super cute on me and they remind him of thigh high stockings. That’s just an added bonus.

I really couldn’t have done the things I normally enjoy doing this spring without Bandelettes. I’m sure I’ll wear them into summer, as well. With quarantine and lockdowns across the country, it’s super important to find safe ways to get out into the world, especially when it involves healthy physical exercise and mental wellness. Thank you for helping me with that.

Those are really great! I got them in 3 weeks in France in the pandemic! I got them in black lace they look great! I should have take them in white too !