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Performance Thigh Bands by Bandelettes® | Black

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Designed to offer lasting protection against chafing, Bandelettes® Performance Thigh Bands are the perfect thigh chafing solution for those with an active lifestyle. Whether you're going for a run or chasing the kids around the house, Bandelettes® Thigh Bands are the perfect solution.



Dolce LTD:


Sizing Chart - Thigh Bands

Your pants size is a good estimate of your Bandelettes® Thigh Bands size. But if you have a fabric tape measure nearby, that's the best way to find the perfect fit!

If your thighs are narrower than your hips, please select one size smaller or measure your thighs. 

Bands Size
Thigh Measurement USA Pants Size (Suggested)
Small (A) 21-22" (53-57 cm) 2–4
Medium (B) 23-24" (58-62 cm) 6–8
Large (C) 25-26" (63-67 cm) 10–12
X-Large (D) 27-28" (68-72 cm) 14–16
XX-Large (E) 29-30" (73-77 cm) 18–20
XXX-Large (F) 31-32" (78-82 cm) 22–24




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Performance Thigh Bands by Bandelettes® | Black
Performance Thigh Bands by Bandelettes® | Black Sale price$19.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Katie M.

I do a lot of hiking and prefer to wear a skirt for the airflow and comfort. However, I couldn’t do it without spandex shorts to prevent the thigh chafe, mostly defeating the purpose of the skirt. I had to find an alternative, so I heavily researched possible solutions to thigh chafe. I found creams, creams, creams, etc, and Bandelettes. I was skeptical but desperate. I purchased lace Bandelettes. The first few hikes involved finding the perfect position, but I did, and now 300+ sweaty miles later, I haven’t had a single case of thigh chafe! The lace is incredibly breathable and they’ve never moved. I measured my thighs as instructed and the sizing chart recommendation fits me well. I was right on a size cusp so sized down as recommended, right decision for me.


Uhm amazing!! I’ve always had an issue with spanks sliding up through out the day under my dresses and constantly having to pull them down but these stay allllll day! I don’t have to worry about them sliding around or pulling them down and it’s amazing. I’ll definitely be buying more. My summer life saver!


I decided to make the switch from wearing jeans at work to skirts and dresses. The only problem I had was how horribly my thighs rubbed together throughout my eight hour shifts, causing painful rashes. After discovering Bandellets from my best friend,my thighs are now rash free! Thank you so much!


I wear them every hot/sunny day from spring til fall. So glad I finally found something that works, after having this problem since puberty. No matter which weight I am, my thighs touch all the same, so these are a life saviour.

They are also pretty sexy if you ask me!


I was nervous to buy these because I have never heard of the company. I have had them for about 2 months and they are exactly as advertised! I got one pair of lace ones and one athletic pair and I love them! They stay in place really well, never move! It’s so nice to wear a dress and be comfortable. No more shape wear for me!