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Article: Who Can Wear Bandelettes®? - Anyone!

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Who Can Wear Bandelettes®? - Anyone!

The assumption that you can only wear Bandelettes thigh bands if you are a plus sized lady and gentlemen couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe it or not, our top selling sizes are “B” and “C” meaning that most of our customers range from a size 4 to a size 12. Chances are if you aren’t part of the very small percentage of the population with a thigh gap you have probably suffered from uncomfortable chafing between your thighs. This chafing is especially apparent when you are wearing shorts or a dress and are engaging in vigorous exercise or walking for long periods of time. Hot climates can also bring on thigh chafing unexpectedly – ruining holidays for many people who don’t suffer usually! This chafing is caused by the friction of your legs rubbing together which can lead to dryness, ingrown hairs, redness, and unpleasant irritation. For those of you who deal with thigh rubbing often, you know that the more you continue to create that friction, the worse the chafing and irritation becomes. That’s where Bandelettes come in. Bandelettes under a skirt anyone can wear

How To Wear Bandelettes

Bandelettes protect your inner thighs from rubbing against one another to eliminate chafing and irritation. Therefore our anti-chafing thigh bands have also become a huge hit among athletic, fashion-forward men. They look great under gym shorts and provide a buffer along the inner thighs when you are active or playing sports. Bandelettes are a thigh saver! They were designed with fashion and functionality in mind. Bandelettes anti-chafing bands comfortably conform to your legs so that you don’t have to worry about them riding up or down and they are offered in a range of great colors and fabrics. They even come in a unisex thigh band option which is great for athletic gals and allows men to wear them with confidence and ease. You will look and feel great wearing Bandelettes. Make sure you check out our shop to order your pair of thigh bands for exercise or daily wear today! You can also learn more about our limited edition ranges, our founders and how we got started by reading The Bandelettes Story here.