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Article: Stop Runner's Rash & Get Sporty With Bandelettes Sports Thigh Bands

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Stop Runner's Rash & Get Sporty With Bandelettes Sports Thigh Bands

Have you ever gotten home from a long biking trek or hopped off a treadmill after a fantastic session feeling “the burn”? No, we don’t mean the good kind of burn that you get after an amazing workout. We are talking about that red, irritating, bumpy, and rash-like burn that comes about anytime those muscular thighs of yours rub together for an extended period. Sports thigh bands are here to help – find out how.

What Is Runner’s Rash?

Believe it or not, most of us don’t have a thigh gap, even those of us who are extremely fit and in shape. In fact, the more athletic you are, the higher the chances are that your legs are muscular and rub together. This can happen when you walk, run, or do anything that keeps you active for an extended period. This action of your legs brushing together causes friction and thigh chafing. This chafing, in turn, can leave your inner thighs looking raw and irritated. Heat and sweat only make inner thigh chafing worse, so athletes can suffer from ‘runner’s rash’ just as much as anyone else. Why are you putting in all that effort to keep yourself in shape only to have to hide your tight and toned legs because of those unappealing bumps and rashes? Well, you don’t have to! That’s where Bandelettes anti-chafing thigh bands come in.

What Are Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands?

Anti-chafing thigh bands stop your inner thighs from rubbing together during exercise such as walking, running, or playing sports. The rubbing is what causes friction and leads to sports chafing or ‘runner’s rash.’ Bandelettes aren’t just for plus-sized girls who are suffering from what we lovingly refer to as “chub rub.” They were also designed to help athletes, like yourself, prevent that annoying irritation that inevitably shows up after every great workout. Our sports thigh bands are great for both men and women and make working out more comfortable. In fact, the great thing about Bandelettes is that they are specially made with material that stays put, so you don’t have to deal with materials that ride up your thighs while you are getting pumped up. If our signature lacy style is a little too fancy for your gym gear, we also offer them in plain styles, that come in solid colors making them the perfect choice to go underneath any workout attire. Our anti-chafing thigh bands for men are a popular unisex choice, great for preventing runner’s rash and other sports chafing. Thigh bands can help prevent chafing in many different situations. Learn more about How To Wear Bandelettes. What are you waiting for? Make sure you check them out for yourself in our Shop today!