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Article: The Chafewear You Need For Every Occasion

thigh bands for men and women

The Chafewear You Need For Every Occasion

Summer is the season for dresses and short skirts, and unfortunately for many of us, "thigh chafing"... Thigh chafing is a common and painful occurrence, and anyone who has experienced it makes sure to do everything they can to avoid it from happening ever again. The continuous rubbing of the skin on both thighs, combined with sweat from the summer heat, is a recipe for a chafing disaster. That's where chafewear can come to your rescue! Painful rashes from thigh chafing can put you off from trying to wear your favorite summer dresses and skirts. But what if someone told you it doesn't have to be like that? Many commonly applied tricks and tips to prevent thigh chafing include, using anti-chafing sticks, creams, or applying deodorant on thighs to prevent chafing. Still, if these methods haven't worked for you or you want a more accessible alternative, chafewear may be just the thing you need.

The Chafewear Options Available To Combat Thigh Chafing

The simplest, most effective, and convenient method to prevent thigh chafing is by using chafewear such as anti-chafing shorts or anti-chafing thigh bands. Chafewear undergarments such as unisex thigh bands and anti-chafing shorts cover the skin of your thighs comfortably while fitting snugly. The fabric helps prevent chafing from occurring in the first place by providing a protective covering for your thighs.

Anti-Chafing Shorts

Two women in Black Allure anti chafing shorts These elastic shorts help protect your thighs from rubbing together. And as a bonus they help rule out the chance of an awkward moment when your dress flies up in a breeze!

Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

woman wearing chafewear These are great for those afraid of wearing chafewear shorts because of the heat or because they fear shorts being visible under certain fabrics. In these situations, thigh bands are a great option, and they do the same job of protecting your thighs. And beyond the functionality, they're a sexy new accessory you can mix and match with your outfit or your mood!

Chafewear For Every Occasion And Outfit

The two easiest chafewear options available are anti-chafing shorts and thigh bands. You can choose either one of these depending on your outfit, personal preference, and needs. Both do the same crucial job of helping prevent the annoying and painful occurrence of thigh chafing.

Thigh Bands: When Choosing To Wear Skirts

These small bands are super comfortable and convenient to wear under skirts, and even bridal, summer, and work dresses. These bands have a silicon strip on both ends, so you never have to worry about them sliding throughout the day. The largest circumference of your thigh determines the size of these bands, and you should measure for the best results. Bandelettes thigh bands come in a wide variety of sizes to fit men and women of all shapes. Jasmine slit

Anti-Chafing Shorts: When Choosing To Wear Tea Length Dresses

These chafewear shorts come in different fabrics, lengths, and colors. Shorts or anti-chafing panty shorts are perfect for days where you plan on walking a lot as they help absorb all the sweat that rolls down your thighs on a scorching day. Additionally, they have the added benefit of helping stop thigh jiggles. :) These are an excellent choice when wearing tea-length dresses and can even be worn underneath pants and other shorts. However, they might not be the best option if you're wearing a very short or body-conscious dress that may work better with thigh bands. Check out our style guide to learn how to wear Bandelettes for every and any occasion.