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Article: Men's Chafing Problems, Treatments & Products

men's thigh chafing

Men's Chafing Problems, Treatments & Products

Men's chafing is a very common problem. Many people mistakenly think that only women suffer from chafing. In reality, both men and women of all shapes and sizes can suffer from chafing. It doesn't matter if you're curvy or athletic; chafing can affect all types of people. Men have specific chafing problems. Like women, chafing in the inner thighs is a significant problem area. Chafing around the groin, buttocks, and nipples can also pose a problem. Although skin chafing is an unfortunate fact of life, you certainly don't have to tolerate it. Most people have experienced chafing at one point or another. But if you're an active guy, you may be dealing with men's chafing problems far more often than you would like to. When you're active, you're especially prone to chafing. Luckily, there are plenty of treatments and products men can use to prevent chafing between the thighs, in the groin area, and buttocks. men's chafing problems from running

Men's Chafing Solutions

Thigh Bands

Prevention is the best solution; that's why men's thigh bands are the best men's chafing solution. Bandelettes men's and unisex thigh bands create a barrier between the thighs that stops the skin from rubbing against itself. Our black unisex thigh bands are ideal for runners, joggers, and athletes. They provide fabric protection against the skin when shorts aren't long enough to prevent rubbing. men's thigh bands

Washing and drying

Washing and drying the skin goes a long way in preventing chafing. Moisture and friction are not friends, and the salt that comes with sweat can be particularly irritating. Be sure to wash regularly and completely dry sweaty skin after working out or swimming.

Try Anti Chafing Powder

Men's anti-chafing powders like Monkey Butt or even basic talcum powder can help absorb excess moisture and help prevent chafing. Anti-chafing powder can be messy and stain clothes, so it's best to save this option for the times when you don't care about white marks, such as during exercise and hiking. men's chafing

Steroid Creams

If it's too late to prevent chafing, you can reduce skin inflammation by using an over counter chafing cream or a prescription chafing cream from your dermatologist. Steroid creams are the most common type of cream for the treatment of chafing. If your skin is just inflamed but not yet broken, these could be effective, talk to your doctor. Chafing is prone to yeast infections, especially when in the men's groin area. Yeast infections thrive in moist areas; they can quickly infect skin where the barrier has been broken. If your skin surface has been damaged from serious chafing, you may need an anti-fungal cream. In these cases, adding a steroid cream may make a yeast problem even worse! Instead, consult a doctor and ask about using an anti-fungal or anti-yeast cream. If you're still irritated after a few days, your doctor may recommend a steroid cream. Long story short, the best thing to do is prevent chafing in the first place. And that's why we created our Unisex Thigh Bands. They're comfortable, discrete, and tough enough to hold up to vigorous activity.