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Article: How To Handle Thigh Chafing In The Heat

woman in swimwear in the summer

How To Handle Thigh Chafing In The Heat

Summer is here, and so are the summer heatwaves. If the thought of a hot summer day makes you cringe, we may know why. Thigh chafing in the heat is uncomfortable and painful. It’s enough to make you dread summer every year. There’s only so much you can do to control the temperature during the summer months. You shouldn’t have to hide away inside with the air conditioning to avoid summer thigh chafing. But what can you do to prevent it?

How do I keep my thighs from chafing in the summer?

There are several steps you can take to stop your thighs from chaffing in the summer months. Check out these easy solutions:

Stay Dry

Humidity is chafing’s mortal enemy. In hot and humid tropical weather, you must stay dry. Carry tissues or wipes to wipe the skin, so you’re not dripping with sweat. woman in the summer

Wear Thigh Bands

Thigh bands give you the freedom to wear anything you want in the summer months. Flouncy skirt? You got it. Sundress? No problem. With thigh bands, you can create a protective barrier between the skin on your thighs and prevent skin-on-skin friction. Bandelettes® Thigh Bands are discrete and sexy; you can wear them under any summer outfit! pair of Bandelettes® on table with accessories

Change out of wet swimwear

Summer months are made for spending on beaches or at the pool. But if you suffer from chafing, you probably already know that wet swimwear can cause a chafing nightmare. While it’s tempting to hang out in your bathing suit all day, it’s better to change into dry clothes. Wet clothes rub against the skin and cause chafing between the thighs and around the buttocks. Changing after you swim and drying your skin will help prevent summer chafing.

Try anti-chafing shorts

Anti-chafing shorts are another excellent solution for preventing chafing in hot weather. Bandelettes® anti-chafing panty shorts hide perfectly under any outfit. You can avoid chafing thighs while feeling dry, comfortable, and pain-free. size inclusive lingerie

Stay out of the sun

Sunburn and chafing do not mix. You should always be sun-safe, but be especially careful to avoid getting both sunburn and chafing. Throw in some sand to the mix and this can be a very painful combination indeed. By taking the right precautions you can prevent thigh chafing in the heat. For more tips and information on the causes and prevention of skin chafing read our guide: Everything You Need To Know About Chafing