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Article: Everything You Need To Know About Thigh Chafing

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Everything You Need To Know About Thigh Chafing

What is Thigh Chafing?

What's the deal with thigh chafing? If you're reading this, you probably already know that it's the annoying and painful result of your thighs rubbing against each other or against your clothing. Skin chafing between the thighs can occur anywhere on your body, but chafing on the inner thighs, sometimes called “chub rub” is one of the most common forms.

Why Are Your Thighs Chafing?

If you’re suffering from thigh chafing, know that you are not alone. Chafing is a common skin problem caused by any combination of heat, friction, moisture, and irritation from clothing. Bad thigh chafing will turn into a red rash between the legs that may sting or burn, you may develop a mild redness on the skin. In severe skin chafing cases, chafing could lead to swelling, bleeding, or crusting.

People Of All Shapes And Sizes Can Suffer From Thigh Chafing

Some people are more prone to thigh chafing than others, including people who are overweight, and people who exercise frequently. That’s not to say you must be overweight to suffer from thigh chafe. It’s unfortunate that “chub rub” has become the common name for inner thigh irritation, but really the issue is not limited to “chubby” or overweight people. Actually, you can experience chafing no matter what size your body is. Sadly, it can happen to anyone whose thighs touch, which is most of us. There’s also a misconception that only women suffer from chafing on the thighs, but in reality, male chafing of the thigh and groin area is also a very common problem.

What Causes Thigh Chafing?

Your skin protects your body and plays a role in maintaining your overall health. Although our skin is strong and flexible, it is very sensitive to heat, germs and physical harm. When thighs rub against each other or against clothing they get irritated, and sweat and moisture only worsen the situation, leading to chafing of the inner thighs, groin or buttocks. Summer hammock - thigh chafing starts when it gets hot!

Why Is Chafing More Common In Summer?

Heat is one of the main causes of chafing on the inner thighs, which leads to an increase in summer chafing. Summer, tropical or humid climates often cause chafing because we sweat more in the heat. In winter, tights, jeans or pants are also worn more often, creating a barrier between the thighs. But in the summer, we choose shorts, skirts, and dresses which leave our thighs exposed and more likely to rub together.

How Can Thigh Bands Prevent Thigh Chafing

There are many thigh chafing products available on the market, but most treat the symptoms of chafing without actually preventing it. Bandelettes® anti-chafing thigh bands prevent chafing by providing an effective barrier between the thighs, using material that doesn’t irritate the skin. By stopping sweaty skin from rubbing, Bandelettes® prevents chafing from occurring.

How Do You Treat Chafed Thighs?

If you are already suffering from chafing, don’t despair! There are treatments available to you, ranging from creams to cold compresses and soothing clothing choices. Read our guide to chafing treatment.

What Clothing Causes Skin Chafing?

Chafing doesn’t just occur on the thighs. Common areas of chafing also include the underarms, neckline, groin, and buttocks. Tight clothing is often the cause of rubbing on the upper body and around armholes, while loose clothing is more often the cause of thigh and groin chafing.

Thigh Chafing Caused By Skirts & Dresses

For women, skirts and dresses are often the items that result in discomfort from chafing. In hot summer months, floral dresses and pretty skirts come out, and hosiery or stockings are left behind. With thighs exposed and no fabric barrier between the legs, heat and sweat can lead to thigh rubbing and pain. Many women who experience the dreaded “chub rub” when wearing skirts and dresses will avoid these clothing choices altogether. With thigh bands, there is no need to restrict your wardrobe choices. Read our dedicated blog post on this topic to learn how you can easily avoid chafing between the thighs while wearing skirts and dresses.

Thigh Chafing While Wearing Pants Or Shorts

You are less likely to experience chafing between your thighs when wearing pants. However, some loose pant styles, such as harem pants, can leave thighs exposed to rub together. Thigh bands can prevent thigh chafing when wearing pants or shorts. Bandelettes® can easily be worn underneath pants, providing comfort without being seen. Our unisex thigh bands are also ideal for use with shorts, especially running styles that don’t provide a fabric barrier between your legs. People dancing at a concert

When Do You Experience Thigh Chafing?

Some activities are synonymous with chafing, and while exercise is the most obvious, there are several other occasions when you will want to protect your skin. Don’t let chafing between your legs ruin your fun, thigh bands can prevent chafing in any situation.

During Excercise

Sweaty workout sessions can quickly rub you the wrong way. Even people with a thigh gap can get chafed thighs from exercise. When our skin gets moist and thighs experience a lot of friction it is common to develop chafing on the thighs, also known as “runner’s rash”. Clothing choices, such as using thigh bands when wearing loose shorts, can help prevent this exercise-induced rash. Learn how to avoid thigh chafing while running.

When Traveling

Traveling, especially to hot climates, can also be a cause of chafing. A tropical holiday is lovely, but not when humidity leaves you with a painful rash. Carefully packing your anti-chafing bands is the key to avoiding holiday thigh chafing . You can read our guide with other top travel tips to prevent chafing when traveling.

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is another time when women specifically suffer from chafing. Changes in weight and body temperature are often to blame. This is the case even for women who never suffered from rubbing thighs before they got pregnant. Pregnancy wardrobes are often another cause, as they tend to feature more loose-fitting items such as skirts and dresses. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough without adding in thigh chafing! Luckily, thigh chafing during pregnancy can be easily avoided by wearing anti-chafing bands.

After Weight Loss

Weight fluctuation can also be a common trigger for painful chafing between the thighs. If you’re on a weight loss journey you are likely exercising more – a common trigger for runner’s rash. Excess skin from significant weight loss can also be prone to rubbing. Bandelettes® can help you deal with thigh chafing while your weight is fluctuating. If you suffer from chafing of the inner thighs, for whatever reason, know that you are not alone, and there is a solution. Bandelettes® thigh bands are an effective anti-chafing solution for both men and women. Explore the Bandelettes® Shop now and never experience painful thigh chafing again!