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Article: Men Suffer From Male Chafing Too

Man climbing mountain with male thigh chafing

Men Suffer From Male Chafing Too

When we think of inner thigh chafing, we automatically think of it as something women alone suffer from. Inner thigh chafing is a prevalent discussion among women and advice on how to prevent the pain and discomfort is often directed solely at them. However, male chafing is also an issue, as this uncomfortable problem is something that affects both men and women.

Why Do Men Suffer From Thigh Chafing?

Men who live a more rugged lifestyle between working outdoors, maintaining the household’s lawn, walking, running, hiking, and so on are more likely to suffer from chafing caused by heat, sweat, and friction around the thigh and groin. Men who suffer from thigh and groin chafing also need solutions to prevent chafing.

How Can You Prevent Male Chafing?

Chaffing on the thigh from a trail runMen have used the typical solutions that women have also used, deodorants, compression shorts, and anti-chafing powders. While these solutions may be helpful for some, it is not always a great solution for all. Men may not typically think of Bandelettes when looking at ways to prevent their inner thigh chafing, but this is a great solution for not only women but men as well. While Bandelettes carry many beautiful and stylish thigh bands for women, we have also created a unisex pair of thigh bands for men and women. The unisex pair of Bandelettes works great for both men and women. Bandelettes come in many different sizes, so men will have no problem finding a pair that fits them.

How Do Men Wear Bandelettes?

The great part about using Bandelettes is that you can place them on the thigh where your chafing is occurring and know that they will stay in place with the silicone bands that wrap snugly and comfortably around your thighs. Unlike other shorts that may not be long enough to reach your area of chafing or powders and deodorants that must be reapplied continuously. With Bandelettes you can wear them all day without any concern of inner thigh rubbing, or worry that the bands will start slipping. So, guys, if you’re tired of dealing with the pain that comes from chafing, it is time for you to give Bandelettes a shot. You can grab your pair of Men's Bandelettes in black, brown, or beige by clicking here!