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Article: 4 Easy Solutions For Chafing Thighs Treatment

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4 Easy Solutions For Chafing Thighs Treatment

Picture this: It’s Summer. You’re having an AWESOME day. Maybe you’re strolling down a beach in your favorite sundress or dancing the night away under the stars in a stylish mini skirt. Or maybe you’re just out walking your dog in a trusty pair of denim shorts. The weather is balmy, you feel confident and look amazing too.

Now, chances are - your perfect summer daydream didn’t include painful thigh chafing, more affectionately known as ‘chub-rub - the red, raw, irritated skin you’re left with after a day of fun in the sun, a workout, or sometimes just a quick errand run. In fact, the “thigh gap” is not as common as one might imagine. Unfortunately, inner thigh chafing is an uncomfortable reality for women of all shapes and sizes, especially during the warmer months. To help women deal with this common problem we've put together four easy solutions for chafing thighs treatment.

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First of all: What causes thigh chafing?

According to WebMD, skin chafing is the annoying and often painful result of skin rubbing against skin or clothing. Chafing affects women of all sizes and can happen anywhere on your body, but your thighs are particularly vulnerable.

Aside from being terribly painful, badly chafed inner thigh skin runs the risk of infection - so it’s really important that you treat and take measures to prevent irritation as often as possible. You can also find chafing relief using various methods and products.

Thigh Chafing Treatments:

If your thighs are chafed, first of all: Ouch! We know how much it hurts and we sympathize. Get comfortable and gently clean the area with water, making sure to dry it thoroughly. After that, apply a lubricating substance like petroleum jelly. Give your skin some time to heal from chafing before being active again. Feel free to take a couch day and get your groceries delivered, even.

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How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

So how do you stop thigh chafing in the summer? A quick Internet search reveals that there’s no shortage of fancy products — goopy gels, powders, and more — designed to help prevent this unpleasant business. And because everyone’s body chemistry is different, some solutions work better for one person than they do for others. To take the guesswork out of finding the fix for you, we’ve rounded up the most simple and effective anti-chafing solutions to help you love your thighs - not the rub!

1. Stay Dry to Avoid Chafing

Wet skin can make chafing much, much worse. The first step to preventing chafing is staying dry. This means: Don't stay in wet or sweaty clothes, especially after workouts. Dry yourself thoroughly after showers, and before you head out the door, apply talcum and alum powders to areas that get the sweatiest.

2. Use a Deodorant Stick

This might sound odd, but odds are you already have a deodorant stick — so why not give it a try? Rub the deodorant stick over your thighs where they rub against each other and you typically feel chafing.

Alternatively, some anti-chafing runner products work the same, but some people find that they leave a slimy or filmy feel, so it’s certainly not the best solution for everyone.

On the plus side, a small travel-sized deodorant stick is easy enough to keep in a purse. On the downside, it could stain your clothes and you might need to reapply it periodically. Oh and this solution is definitely not suitable if your thighs are already chafed. Applying a deodorant to the broken skin is never a good idea. Yikes.

3. Wear Bandelettes Thigh Bands

Bandelettes protect your thighs the same way that shorts do, but since they only wrap around your thighs, they don’t feel nearly as heavy or confining as shapewear or shorts. Because they’re available in multiple colors and patterns, Bandelettes give you the best of both worlds in terms of style and function. They are lightweight and breathable but have non-stick silicone strips that ensure they stay put on your legs. Oh, and they look just a little bit sexy too. ;)

For more detailed information on the causes and treatment of thigh chafing, read out comprehensive guide: Everything You Need To Know About Chafing

4. Hire a group of hand-servants to carry you everywhere.

No walking, no chafing. And people will think you’re VERY important.

Jokes aside, when it comes to chub rub, we’re all just looking for a convenient solution that works.

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Maybe you've tried every treatment for thigh chafing and nothing has worked - so why not try Bandelettes? You’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe a few deodorant sticks and a pair of Nanna Length underwear. ;) Shop all our innovative, flattering and fashion forward thigh chafing solutions here.