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Article: Summer Thigh Chafing and What You Can Do

Wearing Bandelettes to prevent summer chafing

Summer Thigh Chafing and What You Can Do

There are so many things about summer we can look forward to - bright sunny days, long lazy afternoons, beach outings, or summer cocktails on a rooftop or patio! What many of us don’t look forward to: summer thigh chafing! Chafed thighs in the summer is a problem for many men and women, making summer a season they dread. A run or a walk outdoors on a beautiful summer day is always great — until you realize that your inner thighs feel like they are on fire. Thigh chafing is a very common problem that both men and women struggle with. If your thighs touch and rub together while exercising or doing everyday activities, there is nothing to be ashamed of. But when your thighs rub so much to the point where they are painfully raw, it is time to take action in order to prevent permanent skin wear and scarring. Bandelettes are experts in the prevention of chafed thighs, so we’ve answered some of the most common questions people have about summer chafing – and how to prevent it.

Why Do I Get Thigh Chafing In The Summer?

As you might know, heat is one of the major causes of chafing. Heat leads to sweating and sweating leads to moist thighs, and when moist thighs rub together they cause chafing. Most people suffer from chafing predominantly in the summer months, although year-round hot or tropical climates will also exacerbate chafing. Summer clothing is also a factor for increased chafing. Women, in particular, are more likely to switch pants for skirts or dresses this time of year, leaving the skin on the inner thighs exposed and ready to rub together! Three women of different body shapes

How Do I Keep My Thighs From Chafing In The Summer?

Some women forgo wearing their favorite skirts and dresses for fear of inner thigh rubbing. But there is no reason to restrict your summer wardrobe just because you suffer from chafing. Instead, try these three tips to prevent thighs from rubbing in hotter months.
  1. Wear thigh bands with dresses and skirts It’s usually too hot for hosiery or pants in the summer months, which leaves legs bare and prone to rubbing under skirts and dresses. Bandelettes thigh bands are the perfect solution, they are discrete bands that look like garters and create a barrier between bare skin.
  2. Wear deodorant on your thighs Deodorant is not just for your underarms! If moisture is a major cause of your skin chafing, then deodorant can help prevent thighs from getting too sweaty in the summer months.
  3. Dry sweaty thighs It’s handy to carry tissues or wipes during the summer months so you can discretely dry any sweat that deodorant hasn’t prevented. Keeping skin dry is very important for preventing chafing of the groin, thighs and buttocks.

How Do I Keep My Thighs From Chafing At The Beach?

If you thought chafing was as bad as it could get in the summer, we’re sad to tell you it’s even worse when you’re at the beach. Hot weather combined with sunscreen that makes you sweat and sand that rubs on the skin can be a recipe for disaster. But chafing doesn’t have to ruin your beach fun, here are some tips to prevent thigh chafing at the beach. Inviting summer beach chairs
  1. Shower at the beach Take a shower after swimming in salt water to reduce chafing from the sand. Many beaches have public showers you can use to rinse off.
  2. Choose a sunscreen that is “sweatproof” Although no sunscreen can completely prevent sweat, sport sunscreens or sweatproof sunscreens can make a difference in the war against chafing.
  3. Don’t hang around in wet clothes Nothing is worse for chafing that wet material rubbing between the thighs, so if you wear board shorts on the beach be sure to take them off after they get wet. Men who suffer from chafing should change out of wet swim shorts into dry ones after swimming.
  4. Don’t swim with chafed skin If you are already suffering from chafed or broken skin it’s best you avoid the water altogether, as salt water can sting broken skin. You can still enjoy a day on a beautiful beach with a little bit of baby powder between your legs.
  5. Try thigh bands Wear thigh bands to prevent thighs from rubbing. Anti-chafing thigh bands from Bandelettes can be worn discretely under dresses, skirts, shorts or sarongs. Simply slip them off right before you go swimming. Alternatively, make our black unisex bands part of your swimsuit and wear it into the water. Bodywear brand Chromat styled their swim collection with Bandelettes for a modern sports luxe look. For more tips and information on the causes and prevention of skin chafing read our guide: Everything You Need To Know About Chafing