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Article: How To Avoid Chafing During Exercise

Woman exercising on the beach

How To Avoid Chafing During Exercise

Thigh chafing during exercise, also known as “runner’s rash” is a common problem for people who exercise regularly. Despite the unfortunate moniker “chub rub” chafing is actually very common with people of all shapes and sizes, even those who are very fit and work out regularly.

What Causes Chafing During Exercise?

Chafing is one of the most common and unfortunate side effects of exercise. Chafing is usually caused by skin-on-skin rubbing or fabric-on-skin rubbing. Chafing during exercise is also caused by excessive sweating. The combination of wet sweaty skin and rubbing can cause a stinging, burning sensation which leads to skin chafing. Chafing will usually look like a red rash but can lead to bleeding skin.

How Do You Prevent Chafing When Working Out?

Both men and women suffer from exercise-induced chafing. This exercise-induced chafing is not limited to the thighs. Try these tips to prevent inner thigh chafing and other forms of chafing during your workout:
  • Invest in a high-quality sports deodorant, and don’t limit its use to the underarms, use it in any area you get sweaty.
  • Choose performance work out gear that is moisture-wicking, don’t work out in fabrics that are slow to dry!

How Do I Stop My Inner Thighs From Sweating?

Sweat is the biggest cause of chafing while working out, so preventing sweat and moisture is key to preventing chafing.
  • Avoid loose clothes which will rub. If you are wearing loose shorts, try wearing tight-fitting exercise thigh bands around the thighs underneath your loose-fitting clothing.
  • Make sure to wash and dry yourself after a work-out, be sure to pat—don’t rub—your skin dry.
  • If you already have a rash developing, you can apply an antibacterial ointment or rub Vaseline on chafed areas to lubricate and prevent further rubbing.
Due to chafing exercise can be a painful thing to do, like running on this bridge

How Do You Stop Thighs From Rubbing Together While Running?

While chafing can occur during any form of exercise it is often more common during running, hence it’s nickname “runner’s rash”. Try these tips to prevent chafing while running.
  • Nipple chafing is common for long distance runners. Male runners will often tape their nipples to prevent chafing, while a properly fitted sports bra will prevent this for most women.
  • Choose smooth, seamless workout gear, and as with other workouts, avoid loose-fitting clothing or wear thigh bands underneath loose running shorts. For long-distance activity in particular, such as running a marathon, you’ll want to create a layer between your skin and your workout gear.
  • Avoid running in hot and humid conditions, try to get runs in at a cooler time of the day and avoid running in the rain which will exacerbate skin chafing.
  • As with other workouts, make sure to wash and dry yourself after a run, be sure to pat—don’t rub—your skin dry.
Walking on the beach

How Do I Stop My Thighs From Rubbing Together When I Walk?

Many people experience thigh rubbing even during a light walk, and long walks or hikes can also cause a painful inner thigh rash.
  • As with other forms of exercise, you should choose sweat resistant clothing and a good deodorant when hiking.
  • Try thigh bands or anti-chafing shorts from the Bandelettes Elegance range. Thigh bands or panty shorts are a good option when you’re wearing a dress or skirt for a shorter walk: The fabric acts as a barrier against the skin, which helps prevent friction and wick away sweat.
For more tips and information on the causes and prevention of skin chafing read our guide: Everything You Need To Know About Chafing