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Article: 6 Fashion Secrets All Curvy Women Should Know

curvy women in yellow dress

6 Fashion Secrets All Curvy Women Should Know

Not everyone has the so-called "ideal" supermodel figure, but that shouldn't stop gorgeous curvy women from turning heads! It's only a matter of the right fit and an outfit that compliments the figure perfectly. Read on to learn six of the kick-ass fashion secrets that all curvy girls should know — and which will change your style game in an instant!

Secret 1: Prevent Chub Rub

Chub around the thighs might be one of the biggest obstacles in your styling journey. First of all, chafing isn't only a curvy girl problem; sure, our thighs love to kiss more often, but chafing happens to almost everyone from time to time. But worry not, we've got a cure for it.

Love hate relationship with chub rub shorts

Anti-chafing shorts and underwear

Make a smart investment, ladies, and get yourself some stretchable anti-chafing shorts, Bandelettes® Thigh Bands, and anti-chafing underwear that are breathable and sweat-absorbent. The material should be lightweight enough to qualify as a second skin. You can wear Bandelettes® anti-chafing products under your dresses, pants, and skirts to avoid chafing in summers and during heatwaves.

curvy woman in thigh bands

Anti-Chafing Bandelettes® Thigh Bands

Anti-chafing bands aren't only practical at preventing chub rub, but they're also incredible sexy! These bands serve the same purpose as anti-chafing shorts but are lighter weight. Check out anti-chafing Bandelettes® Thigh Bands in lace to feel confident and powerful throughout the day.

body confident women in red dress

Secret 2: Play with Color

Sick of hearing that black clothes should be your BFF? Ditch the advice, ladies. Curvy girls can rock all colors, period. The critical point is to create the right color column. If you are wearing dark bottoms, you can wear a pastel top and throw the matching dark-toned outerwear on top. The color palette should be harmonious to avoid clashing.

Secret 3: Lingerie is the ultimate weapon

A great style needs a strong foundation. Curvy women know the value of good underwear. Investing in quality bras and undergarments should be your priority. Trust me, ladies; the right bra and shapewear make or break the look. Always opt for something stretchable enough because the goal should be to make you comfortable AND look great.

two women in Anti Chafing slip shorts Secret 4: Keep your dresses mid-length

Fun and flirty, a midi dress is always a great way to charm a romantic evening or a wedding party. The fit should be correct enough to give your curves an outline, neither too loose nor too clingy. Pair it up with high heels to add some height.

Secret 5: Try pointed-toe heels

Chant along! There is no such thing as a perfect figure, but indeed, long legs do the talking. Curvy women should invest in good pointed toe nude and black pumps because this one trick will quickly give you legs for days and conceal any unwanted bulkiness.

curvy girl fashion secrets

Secret 6: Opt for pencil straight skirts

Pencils skirts are a godsend. A skirt with a pencil fit leaves no room for disaster. It is easily the most playful piece to dress up any silhouette. The critical factor here is to give your figure the right balance, so get it tailored and keep the hemline up over your knees.

Get more curvy girl inspo!

Being a curvy woman doesn't mean that you need to limit yourself on fashion. The choices for plus-size women these days are limitless; all you need to do is spend some time getting the fit that flatters your figure and promotes your assets in the right way. Check out our Ultimate Guide To Body Positivity to get more inspiration and tips.