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Article: How To Wear Anti-Chafing Slip Shorts

Love hate relationship with chub rub shorts

How To Wear Anti-Chafing Slip Shorts

If you love wearing skirts when dress season comes, then you probably know one of the biggest problems that come with it—chafing. Thigh chafing usually occurs due to skin-on-skin friction, which will cause irritation, redness, and in severe cases, bleeding, swelling, or crusting. It's the high price we pay to wear those summery dresses and skirts. Luckily there's a solution that makes the problem disappear, slip shorts or anti-chafing shorts!

What are slip shorts?

Imagine the sun being out in full swing. So you think, "it's time for me to break out that long flowing skirt or dress." But then, once you put it on to beat the heat while staying stylish, you realize it was a terrible idea because your thighs are chafing! That's where anti-chafing slip shorts come in.

Slip shorts are a type of anti-chafing underwear that can be worn for comfort or for extra coverage under short or long skirts and dresses. They protect your thighs from rubbing against each other. This barrier prevents chafing and stops the itchy, uncomfortable sensation that some materials or outfits make on your skin. Anti-chafe shorts are no average bike short! They're made with a seamless design and are much more discrete; there are no visible panty lines that characterize some shorts you might consider wearing under your dress or skirt. Our Bandelettes® Panty Shorts provide you full swing movement and hug your skin smoothly without any visible bunching or slipping.

What is the purpose of slip shorts?

Contrary to popular belief, chafing is not exclusive to plus-size or overweight people. You can experience chafing if you work out, walk regularly, cycle, etc. This means that you can find anti-chafing shorts for women of all sizes, body shapes, and ages. Because they are made of comfortable stretchy fabric, they can work with your body without feeling tight and unnecessarily cumbersome like other products you might consider. But thigh chafing is not the only reason to wear slip shorts. If you feel exposed and self-conscious wearing other underwear or have a sheer dress or skirt, slip shorts will give you extra coverage over your bottom and mid-section. This works well whether you wear loose dresses or straight skirts. Allure beige slip shorts with white shirt

Styling anti-chafing shorts

You can wear slip shorts with virtually everything in your closet that allows your thighs to be in direct contact with each other. Because you can get anti-chafing shorts with seamless designs, you can wear them with your cold or hot weather dresses and skirts. They can also be worn alongside any shapewear you are using at the moment.

Length of chafing shorts

Anti-chafing slip short styles are available in plenty of sizes with everything from briefs to biker short-length. Depending on the outfit, you may want to give yourself a few inches from the end of your dress or skirt so that it doesn't show when the wind lifts it. If you have dresses or skirts that move as you move, like fluid and flow midis or maxis, and hate the bare legs feeling, you can play with the length a little more.

Bandelettes® has a range of slip shorts, some with underwear built-in and others without. You may also want to try another one of our anti-chafing products, lacy anti-slip Bandelettes® Thigh Bands. All of these anti-chafing products are made from smooth, comfortable, and moisture-wicking fabric, so you won't have to worry about feeling sweaty, itchy, or irritated. 

Occasions to wear slip shorts

If you live an active lifestyle, it's time to make Bandelettes® slip shorts your best friend! If you cycle, take long walks, or do anything that requires you to move your legs, wearing slip shorts is a great idea. That said, you can still have chafing thighs even without being excessively active. Anti-chafing shorts will also be of help when traveling, during pregnancy, and after weight loss. Our anti-chafe shorts don't compress you or squeeze you, they're comfortable and secure so they can be worn under any outfit and for any occasion you please. 

Explore the Bandelettes® range of slip shorts and anti-chafing products now and never experience painful thigh chafing again!