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Article: How To Avoid Thigh Chafing When Traveling

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How To Avoid Thigh Chafing When Traveling

There are lots of packing guides available for every kind of traveler, but they are all missing one thing. What should you pack to avoid thigh chafing when traveling? Painful thigh chafing is a sure-fire way to ruin a holiday. It’s right up there with canceled flights and food poisoning. We have the information you need to pack for a comfortable and pain-free vacation. If you experience thigh chafing you know it's inconvenient, painful, and restrictive. And you might be painfully aware that traveling only exacerbates the chafing problem, due to all the walking and exploration. Traveler’s chafing is even worse when visiting a hot or humid destination. So if you have an upcoming trip, read on to learn how to deal with inner thigh chafing while traveling!

How To Prevent Thigh Chafing On A Plane?

Many holidays start with plane travel. Unfortunately, sitting on a plane can kick that inner thigh chafing off early. Who wants to start their holiday with chafed thighs before their vacation has even started? Economy plane seats are small and cramped, pushing thighs together. It's also difficult to control the air temperature around you. This can result in feeling sticky and uncomfortable. So the first step to preventing thigh chafing on a plane is to dress appropriately. Some people choose to wear loose and baggy clothing during plane travel, so they feel comfy. You might think that baggy clothing would help you avoid thigh chafing when traveling. However, loose-fitting clothes can allow legs to rub against each other or against the fabric. Choosing fitted travel clothing, particularly around the legs, is a better option to prevent chafing. Another mistake is wearing vacation clothing when traveling to your destination. Summer clothing usually leaves legs exposed and thighs rubbing. Skip the summer skirts and shorts when traveling by plane, opt instead for leggings or well-fitted pants. If you really want to wear that pretty summer outfit, try some discrete lace Bandelettes underneath.

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How To Prevent Thigh Chafing On A Beach Holiday?

Sun, sand, sea. It sounds like the perfect holiday, but to many people, a beach holiday comes with a sense of dread. When visiting a beach or other warm destination chafing is probably right around the corner. Chub rub can be made worse if you are walking more than in your everyday life. If you suffer from thigh chafing or ‘chub rub’ then you know that hot and humid conditions only make things worse. Summer clothing, such as skirts and dresses, leave legs particularly vulnerable to chafing. What’s worse, is exacerbating fire thighs with stinging saltwater (ouch!) or sand. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to prevent chafing at the beach or in hot weather.

Dress Appropriately

Choose clothing that has very few seams and, if possible, zero tags. Clothing should be well fitted and breathable. Moisture-wicking fabrics are a good choice. Cotton is great for lounging, but it will take a long time to dry and can cause painful skin irritation when it rubs. Choose fast-drying synthetic or linen fabrics instead. You can still pack gorgeous summer skirts and dresses if you want. You can wear Bandelettes Elegance shorts or anti-chafing thigh bands discreetly under dresses, skirts and even shorts. Anti-chafing shorts or bands prevent your thighs from rubbing by creating a protective and comfortable barrier between skin.

Stay Hydrated

At the beach and in humidity it’s common to become dehydrated. Dehydration leads to a higher concentration of salt in your sweat. The salt irritates the skin and can lead to friction that causes chafing. So be sure to stay properly hydrated by drinking lots of water!

Shower Frequently

Take a shower. In fact, take a lot of showers. When you get back from a day of sightseeing be sure to wash up as soon as possible. Showering will get rid of salt residue left on your skin from sweating. Removing bacteria and sweat from the skin is essential to prevent thigh rashes. Be sure to pat the skin completely dry after washing to avoid any excess moisture that might cause friction. If you’re backpacking and don’t have showers handy you can use wipes and tissues to pat yourself dry. If you can’t shower directly after swimming (in pools or the ocean) you should wipe away any salt and pat the area completely dry. woman with hiking monkey butt

How To Prevent Thigh Rash When Hiking?

If you’re taking a hiking or backpacking trip you should be cautious about thigh chafing. It’s a common misconception that only overweight people experience chafing. Men and women of all body shapes and even the fittest of athletes can suffer from chafed thighs. Exercise is a common cause of thigh chafing, as those who suffer from 'runner's rash' know well. That means hikers are also often susceptible to thigh chafing, especially in the summer. If you’ve experienced this pain before, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than butt or thigh chafing on a hike. It’s so common that within the hiking community thigh chafing even as its own nickname, ‘monkey-butt’. It is absolute agony and gets worse with every step you take. If you suffer from chafing when hiking you would be wise to pack some Monkey Butt, a powder designed with hikers in mind. There are also other skin-treatment products on the market. These are usually designed to lubricate high-friction areas on your body to prevent chafing. However, with limited backpack space, it's often easier to wear something that will prevent chafing from occurring. Bandelettes unisex exercise thigh bands for men and women are ideal to wear under both shorts and pants when hiking. Chafing is also an issue on cycling trips, yachting and even when playing golf or tennis on vacation. If exercise-induced thigh chafing is a regular issue check out our guide for preventing thigh chafing during exercise.

Chub Rub Prevention List

Remember that some anti-chafing products are not available internationally. Others may have different names, written in different languages. If you don’t prepare for the worst, you may find yourself waddling in pain into a foreign pharmacy and struggling to find a product. Worse still you may find yourself stranded in a remote area with no thigh chafing products available. You should always get your chafing products before you leave, and don’t forget to prepare for the plane - carry on or wear anti-chafing products while in transit!

Here’s a recap of what to pack to avoid thigh chafing when traveling:

  • Bandelettes Thigh Bands
  • Fitted clothing in moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Bandelettes Elegance Panty Shorts
  • Monkey Butt powder
  • Lubricant
  • Tissues and wipes
  • Bandelettes travel bag
Bandelettes come in handy for all types of trip. Whether you’re traveling to a hot and humid country, going on a hiking adventure, or simply lounging with a cocktail in your summer dress. Now that you’ve got your travel chafing sorted check out our full guide on How To Wear Bandelettes for tips and tricks for every outfit situation!