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Article: How To Avoid Thigh Chafing When Wearing Skirts & Dresses

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How To Avoid Thigh Chafing When Wearing Skirts & Dresses

On hot summer days, it’s lovely to wear a cool breezy skirt or dress. This season’s slip dresses, maxi dresses, and tea dresses are all appealing. The summer’s midi or wrap skirts are also attractive options. Oh, but wait... There’s no way you can go out in this heat wearing a skirt or dress - that would cause the dreaded chub rub! If you suffer from thigh chafing when wearing skirts and dresses, you need to know that there's help available.

What Is Chub Rub?

Many women love skirts and dresses but avoid wearing them because they expose inner thighs and leave legs chafed and raw. While this chafing between the thighs has the unfortunate name of ‘chub rub,’ men and women of all shapes and sizes experience it.

What Causes Chub Rub?

What causes ‘chub rub’ or chafing? Chafing is simply caused by friction. Friction, the resistance caused by your skin rubbing together, sooner or later, it will injure your skin. And heat, resulting in sweat, makes friction worse. For this reason, chafing is more common in the summer or during exercise.

Causes Of Chub Rub:

  1. Heat
  2. Sweat
  3. Friction
Skirts and dresses are the most common outfits of choice that make chafing more likely. We love wearing breezy skirts and dresses - especially in the summer. However, with heat and humidity, thighs rub together and create a fiery rash. Many of us have asked ourselves, ‘how do I stop chafing while wearing a dress?’ ‘How do I stop my inner thighs from chafing when wearing a skirt?’. These aren’t just curvy girl problems. Most women have thighs that touch, so summer chaffing is a common concern. Chub rub doesn't have to stop you from having fun, that’s where Bandelettes come in! thigh bands to wear under dressesthigh bands to wear under skirtsthigh bands for skirts and dresses

How Do I Stop Inner Thigh Chafing When Wearing A Skirt?

There are several ways to prevent chafing when wearing skirts and dresses. Chafing preventatives include deodorant on your inner thighs, wearing something underneath your skirt such as Bandelettes thigh bands (wink, wink), or using baby powder. Powders, creams, and gels have been shown to work for some people, but they provide only temporary relief, and you need to carry them around and re-apply frequently. There’s also a risk that these chafing creams or gels stain clothing or leave tell-tale marks. No woman wants baby powder shower up on their favorite little black party dress. We've found that the best option to prevent chafing is to wear something underneath your skirt or dress.

What Should I Wear Under A Skirt To Prevent Chafing?

Bandelettes thigh saving panty shorts are an excellent option for preventing chafing under dresses and skirts. You may read articles that suggest wearing bike shorts underneath your dresses. However, bike shorts can be uncomfortable, restrictive, and not-so-sexy. Bandelettes® Lace Panty Shorts, on the other hand, are a sexy and attractive solution to the painful chafing that affects women of all shapes and sizes. Now you can wear the dresses and skirts you love with confidence and say goodbye to inner thigh chafing. Additionally, our thigh bands are great and work with skirts and dresses of any length. Prevent thigh chafing when wearing skirts and dresses

How Do Bandelettes Stop Chafing Under Skirts & Dresses?

Bandelettes are lightweight and breathable, so they don’t promote sweating. Our panty shorts and thigh bands provide a barrier between the thighs to prevent skin to skin contact, removing painful friction. Bandelettes products are also designed to be sexy accessories, not just a way to prevent the pain and embarrassment of chafed thighs. We know that many of our customers have stopped wearing half of the clothes in their closets due to the lack of confidence caused by skin chafing. With Bandelettes you can re-claim your wardrobe and pull out those skirts and dresses you love! One such success story comes from Bandelettes customer Alex. Of her experience, Alex said: “I wore a dress with bare legs out for the first time in 10 years.”
“I was super skeptical because my thighs are large. I thought Bandelettes would be like every other pair of thigh highs I’d ever worn before – too small and very rolly. I was pleasantly surprised; they stay up. No chafing”.
Bandelettes are committed to saving women (and men) from the unpleasantness of skin chafing, allowing you to wear and do what you want this summer. For more tips and information on the causes and prevention of skin chafing, read our guide: Everything You Need To Know About Thigh Chafing.