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Article: 5 Habits To Help Prevent Chafing Thighs

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5 Habits To Help Prevent Chafing Thighs

Many men and women suffer from chafing seasonally or year-round. There are countless options for treating chafed thighs, but far fewer solutions and articles on preventing chafing. Of course, a soothing balm or chafing cream can be a welcome relief if it’s already too late. But wouldn’t you rather prevent chafing than deal with it after the fact? We sure would. That’s why we focus on this question: How do you prevent chafed thighs?

There are many ways you can prevent chafed thighs. Some solutions, like thigh bands, stop thighs from rubbing together. Other prevention methods focus on good skin care habits. Here are five practices you can quickly adopt to prevent skin chafing.

Wear preventative clothing

Anti-chafing underwear or thigh bands, such as Bandelettes thigh bands or popular anti-chafing shorts, effectively prevent chafing. The fabric on these anti-chafing garments creates a barrier that stops skin-on-skin rubbing, so you never have to deal with chafed skin ever again.

Keep skin dry

Moisture is a significant factor in chafing, so many people are more prone to chafing when they sweat. Hot, humid weather can be a considerable factor in chafing because it increases perspiration. Remember to keep skin dry with a towel in the hotter months, and make sure you dry off quickly after swimming at the pool or beach or after exercise.

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Keep skin clean

Sweating is normal and expected after a good workout (or just a hot day). But sweat can cause bacteria, and sweat-soaked skin is far more prone to chafing and infection. Keep skin clean during hot weather and after exercise by showering or wiping down as soon as possible so sweat doesn’t dry on the skin.

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Wear breathable fabrics

Some clothing choices make it easier to prevent chafing. Breathable natural fabrics have moisture-wicking properties to prevent sweat from sticking on the skin. Pants and long shorts create a natural barrier between the thighs. But, if you want to wear pretty summer dresses you can still do so, with a discrete pair of thigh bands underneath!

Choose clothes that fit well

You should always choose clothes that fit well and avoid poorly placed seams. Clothes that are either too tight or too loose are more likely to rub against the skin, causing chafing around the thighs, armpits, groin, and back. Seams in leggings, shorts and bras can also become significant causes of friction and rubbing in the thighs.

It’s essential to consider your clothing choices carefully, especially if you are doing an exercise with more skin-on-skin friction. It’s easier to prevent chafing than you may think; it just takes a little preparation and good skincare habits. Adopting these five habits could make your workouts and summers much more comfortable in the future.

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