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Standing for body positivity and inner confidence, we are so proud to have created a product that banishes thigh chafing and promotes self-acceptance by allowing women to wear and do the things they love.

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Super produit, utile et très charmant à la fois.
Je peux profiter de l’été en toute discrétion, un bémol c’est qu’au bout d’un mois de port ils tiennent moins bien, mais j’ai perdu 8 kgs entretemps donc je ne sais pas si je dois attribuer la chute à la perte de centimètres ou à une perte d’élasticité du produit.
Ceci dit je passe une nouvelle commande, adios les cyclistes moulants et trop chauds!
Merci pour cette innovation!

Great product, useful and very charming at the same time.
I can enjoy the summer discreetly, a downside is that after a month wearing they hold less well, but I lost 8 kgs meanwhile so I do not know if I have to attribute the fallloss of centimeters or loss of elasticity of the product.
That said I place a new order, adios the cyclists and too hot!
Thank you for this innovation!


July 2, 2018

These things are amazing. Really. They prevent the horrible “chub rub” or whatever you want to call it, without adding extra warmth – a BIG problem in the summer!
Who wants to wear a beautiful, summery dress and then a pair of bike shorts or something?

The other night, I was with a date and things were progressing , when he said “Wow, those are really sexy, do they serve a purpose other than being really hot?”

(It was the red Lacey pair, go big or go home, am I right? YEAH I AM!)

I looked over, and with coy, flirting, bedroom eyes I answered as huskily as I could “Why, yes. They prevent a really painful rash and sores from my thighs rubbing together.”

I may need to work on my flirting, but these bandalettes are NOT to blame! So awesome! I wish I could afford a pair in every colour!

July 2, 2018

I was heading to Vegas for my 15 year anniversary and wanted to dress up a bit. The temp at the end of June is 100-108 every day. Chub rub is most definitely an issue! I bought these after reading others talk about how great they were and I have to say, I agree!

I wore them for 12+ hours every day, in and out of air conditioning and only had one day where they slipped. At first, I was super disappointed but then I figured out it was because I didn’t wash the strips from the day before and they just had skin oils and lotion on them. I literally wiped them down with a damp towel, a tiny bit of soap and then wiped them again to rinse the soap and they were good as new!

These are seriously the best thing that ever happened to skirts! They look sexy and if they peek out it’s no big deal. They protect your skin and above all they are comfortable!

I love mine and will wear them under every skirt and dress I own!

July 2, 2018

It was difficult for me to wear dresses (especially during summer) for many hours because of thigh chafing. While searching through the internet for a solution, i came across with Bandelettes and i was surprised!! I ordered a pair ASAP, i received my package earlier than expected (please note that i live in Greece) and i was amazed by the results!! I’m definitely going to buy more, not only comfortable, but sexy too!

July 2, 2018

I’ve had trouble with thigh chafing ever since I was a kid and all I could do, as my mom taught me, was to treat the wound afterwards. For the last five years I’ve used anti-chafing creams which did work wonders.
I had heard about Bandelettes by then but I was a bit skeptical. However, I started an office job this year and I did not want to risk staining my skirts and dresses with cream so I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed !
I tried them on for the first time today and wore them all day for more than 10 hours in warm weather. They did not slip or roll even though I slightly folded the back part to prevent them from showing (I did not think I wore dresses that short but it turns out flowy dresses do look longer than they actually are !).
I love how they stay in place and, damn, they even made me feel sexy (which is not exactly what I expected from something supposed to prevent thigh chafing !). It feels like I don’t have to be ashamed of my chubby rubbing thighs anymore (which was the case when I used cream).
It is really nice not to feel ashamed anymore and to know that lots of women actually have the same problem and that there is a stylish and comfortable way to avoid it !
So thank you so much to the creators of Bandelettes, I will definitely buy more of them and they will be a summer must-have for me from now on !!!

June 21, 2018

I heard about Bandelettes about a year ago, and decided that one day I’ll buy them for myself.
This year summer came early, and when the first chafing happened, I bled, the bruises on my thighs were deep and painful, and I decided ‘screw this’ and bought myself the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever put on.
I love to use low hanging harem pants on summer, and now I can use them without pain.
Sometimes I forget that I even have my Bandelettes on, they feel like a second skin, and the longer you use them, the better they stay put on their place. They hardly leave any markings on my skin after I take them off, unlike every other clothing I have.
I’d like to thank Bandelettes company for making the most important piece of clothing for big thighs like mine.

June 19, 2018

The best thing ever!!! I have been looking for something like this for years they are absolutely perfect. They don’t fall down and you can feel really confident wearing them.

Thank you so much

June 19, 2018

Hello friends! Never met such a problem as thighs chafing till my mother once told with a deep sigh: “The summer’s comming.. and those the very pain I suffer from thighs chafing..” It took me several minutes to find this web-site and place the order for Bandalettes band. Two weeks later we got our parcel with this gorgeous thing. My mom put them on and we found it amazing how thin and delicate they were. I’m really happy to help my mother to take away the pain. And I feel deepest gratitude and respect towards Bandelletes founders and team for such a brilliant and beautiful thing!

June 10, 2018

LOVE!!!! They are the best think ever for thick thighs.. They look sexy too.. thank you

June 7, 2018

I first bought Bandelettes about 5 years ago. I could only get them from the USA. I have worn them ever since, they are so comfortable and stay in place. I wear them every day in the summer for work. They wash well and last for ages! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Gill Johnson
June 7, 2018

Love your thighs, not the rub. Click here to find your perfect style and put an end to painful inner thigh chafing today!

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