10857783_953385248007549_6707707445934563244_nBrides carefully prepare and parse out every detail of their big day: their wedding dress, hair, makeup, seating charts, floral arrangements, themed cocktails, etc. As all the elements of a perfect wedding come together, there is something that is often overlooked: comfort.


As a bride embarks on one of the most important days of her life, the last thing she should have to worry about is irritation cause by skin-to-skin rubbing. Here’s where Bandelettes come to the rescue! Bandelettes delivers a sexy and discrete solution to painful thigh chafing.10382822_926540897358651_5679847484725258191_n


White Onyx Bandelettes are a best-kept secret among brides to be. Brides will walk with confidence down the aisle rather than being distracting by what’s happening underneath their gown. Our chic well-designed White Onyx Bandelettes are a nice compliment to sexy wedding day lingerie.


Don’t forget about the bridesmaids! As we all know, being in a wedding can sometimes seem more like a marathon than a walk on the beach. Don’t let the day’s events get you down with Bandelettes! Bandelettes stay put so you can keep moving. So when it comes time to kick off the heels and bust a move on the dance floor, you can enjoy without worrying about chafing.


The moral of this blog post is to never underestimate the power of Bandelettes. A little lacy luxury will take you through life’s most important events.

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