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Article: The Perfect Pair Of Bandelettes® For Everyone & Every Mood


The Perfect Pair Of Bandelettes® For Everyone & Every Mood

Bandelettes were designed with fashion and functionality in mind. Our extensive collection of patterns and colors provides an option for everyone and every mood. MG_8096-A-300x200For the Power Meeting Be bold in black. Black is a commanding color that exudes confidence. For your next power meeting, make the right statement and try a black wrap dress with Black 1004 Bandelettes. Unfettered by bright colors and patterns, your colleagues will pay attention and show you the respect you deserve. Bandelettes provides coverage and protection against painful irritation so you can focus on the real job at task.

For the AthleteBlack-Unisex2-300x200

Get sporty with Bandelettes Unisex! Don’t let painful chafing slow you down. Bandelettes Unisex provides sustained protection against pain and discomfort so you can stay focused on your game.

Red-Wine-300x200For the Seductress Red is the color of Romance. Slip on a pair of Romance Red Bandelettes to reveal your sexy side. Flirty hearts and vibrant red will get your partner’s heart beating! Make sure he or she can keep up with your playful side.

For the TreChocolate-300x200nd-Setter

Shop until you drop with Chocolate Bandelettes. Let your inner-fashionista free and play with this decadent color. Pair under black shorts for a hint of lace or get wild and boost a bold animal print. Make a statement and strut you stuff with Chocolate Bandelettes.