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Article: Size-Inclusive Bloggers We Love

size inclusive bloggers

Size-Inclusive Bloggers We Love

Sometimes loving yourself and the way you look is hard. It’s not always easy to find inspiring size-inclusive content. The digital world often seems filled with unrealistic, unobtainable photoshopped bodies. But our favorite size-inclusive bloggers are not fake or edited. These bloggers are as real as you and me. Learn about some of our favorite size-inclusive bloggers and the importance of size inclusivity in the fashion world and beyond.

What does Size-Inclusive Mean?

For the most part, size-inclusive, or 'body inclusive', means that a brand offers appropriate clothing sizes for a range of shapes and figures. This means that in addition to having sizes previously referred to as "straight sizes," or “standard sizes” e.g. US 0 to 12, a brand also offers larger sizes of the same items as well. Size-inclusive bloggers are digital personalities who share content that represents a wide and inclusive range of body types. They’re fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, fitness influencers, and more.

Why Is Size-Inclusive Content Important?

Because many of us have been left out of the beauty or fashion conversation for too long! It’s easy to feel isolated when we get bombarded with images of just a few body types every day via social media, advertising, and TV. At times it can feel like everywhere we look, we're told our bodies don’t fit into a box. We’re not curvy enough, too curvy, too skinny, or too old. Filters and photoshopping create completely unrealistic body ideals. These are often impossible or unhealthy to try and meet. But, a growing number of women are pushing back against society's ideals. You can find body-positive content that’s real and uplifting, you just have to know where to look for it. Seeing women in the public eye who look like you and love their bodies can be important. These role models can help you recognize the beauty of your own body and move towards self-acceptance. Check out these size-inclusive bloggers we love and find the inspiration that suits your style.

Kelly Augustine Kelly is a New York-based fashion and lifestyle blogger known for her use of bright color and print when styling outfits in The Big Apple. If you prefer to go bold or go home then Kelly may be just the inspiration you’re craving.
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Jay Miranda If your style is more West Coast then California based Jay Miranda has the inspiration you need. Jay is known for her pretty boho-inspired fashion that’s perfectly suited to Cali weather. If you’re a girly girl who loves dresses, then Jay is the size-inclusive influencer for you.
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Nadia Aboulhosn Another LA-based blogger is Nadia Aboulhosn. The multi-talented Nadia is also a model and designer who has collaborated with several fashion brands. She’s collaborated with lots of youthful fashion brands, so if you love sexy or on-trend and affordable fashion, Nadia’s blog is the place for you.
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Ty Alexander Ty Alexander, formerly ‘Gorgeous In Grey’ is a beauty and lifestyle guide. Her blog is dedicated to inspiring women to embrace their authentic selves. Ty is also a bestselling author, speaker, wellness blogger and podcaster. Ty’s Instagram feed is filled with inspirational statement tees. There's plenty of stylish "athleisure" and sexy swimsuit inspiration.
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Curate Your Content

Curating your blog feed, social media, or browser homepage can help you start the day on a happy positive note. There are now lots of top bloggers and plus-sized influencers who use their digital platforms to share fashion advice and inspiration that’s size-inclusive. These inspirational women encourage us to love our bodies as they are, even with their perceived imperfections. We love helping you find inspiring and uplifting content. If you're looking for more body-positive inspiration you can also check out our Ultimate Guide To Body Positivity.