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Article: 5 Easy Wardrobe Hacks To Prevent Chub Rub

prevent chub rub with Bandelettes

5 Easy Wardrobe Hacks To Prevent Chub Rub

We love thighs of all shapes and sizes. But the uncomfortable chafing that comes with them? Not so much. There’s nothing worse on a warm day than that weird wide-legged walk as you try to keep your thighs apart. We know why you’re doing it - the dreaded chub rub has set your thighs on fire! But it doesn’t have to. There are many chafing treatments and chub rub solutions on the market which only help relieve the pain of existing chafing. But you can prevent chafing altogether with these easy wardrobe hacks to prevent chub rub.

Simple Chub Rub Solutions Your Thighs Will Thank You For

1. Wear Breathable Fabrics

Choose fabrics that are light and breathable. Look for moisture-wicking properties that will help you avoid getting sweaty or overheating. Avoiding sweat will help you to avoid moisture that contributes to inner thigh chafing.

Wardrobe Hacks For Plus-Size Girls

2. Try Bandelettes Thigh Bands

Bandelettes® Thigh Bands are elastic lace or microfiber bands you wear discretely around your thighs. They work by creating a protective barrier between the legs, stopping any chaffing. As a bonus, they look sexier than the typical Bridget Jones style shapewear you may have tried in the past!

thigh high alternatives

3. Choose the right size

Clothing that is too tight or too big can cause extra friction and rub against the skin. Always choose clothing that fits to avoid chafing.

4. Try Bandelettes Anti Chafing Shorts

Bandelettes® Anti-Chafing Panty Shorts provide more coverage than Bandelettes® Thigh Bands and can be worn instead of, or with, underwear. They’re the perfect anti-chafing shorts to prevent chub rub because the material is super soft, breathable, and molds to your thighs. Two women in Black Allure

5. Wash Clothes Regularly

If you often suffer from chafing when working out or in hot weather, make sure you wash clothes frequently. Salty sweat on your clothes can make them more irritating the next time you wear them. Plus, dirty clothing can contribute to infected chafing rashes. If you sweat in it, that piece of clothing needs to be washed. But I bet you already knew that! ;) It’s so important to feel comfortable in your clothing every day.

We hope these quick and easy changes will make you that much more comfortable. But we know it can be hard to be confident when you’re literally uncomfortable with your own skin. Don’t let chub rub hold you back. Bandelettes thigh bands are a great way to prevent chub rub without being restrictive like shapewear.

Looking to learn more about what causes chub rub? Check out our guide to Everything You Need To Know About Thigh Chafing.