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Article: Wardrobe Hacks For Plus-Size Girls

Wardrobe Hacks For Plus-Size Girls

Wardrobe Hacks For Plus-Size Girls

It’s no secret that plus-size girls aren't always represented when it comes to fashion magazines and guides. Before you start buying the latest trends you'll want to make sure you know these wardrobe hacks for plus-size women. With your fashion foundations sorted you'll be free to explore and have fun with new trends and styles!

Wear Clothes That Fit

This may seem like an obvious tip, but most women will find themselves with a closet full of clothes that don’t fit anymore. Whether you’ve lost weight, gained weight, or changed shape, we all have items that no longer fit. Sometimes we even buy brand new items that are too small because we like them and hope that someday we will fit into them! These pieces always end up collecting dust in the closet, or worse, you try and squeeze yourself into them.
Clothes that are too tight can look unflattering. The fabric will bunch and roll in awkward places. Skin will bulge in unsightly areas such as the underarms, cleavage, muffin tops, and thighs. Tight clothing usually reveals underwear lines... (A major wardrobe faux pas.)
Clothes that are too big are also unflattering as they can swamp your figure or look baggy. That’s why it’s always most flattering to wear clothes that fit you well. Do you know your body measurements? Understanding and deciphering the dreaded online size chart depends on the accuracy of your measurement. If you don't know the retailer, opt to try on in store when possible, or look for retailers with free returns. Order two sizes and try both if you need to.
If you have a bunch of clothes in your closet that are too small or too big you can sell them or donate them. This will make room for new beautiful things that you feel good about. Take inspiration from Marie Kondo. Keep clothes that fit and spark joy, not clothes that cut off your circulation!
wardrobe hacks for plus size women

Get Your Bra Professionally Fitted

As with your general clothing, a bra that fits is very important. Around 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Get bras professionally fitted to avoid them being uncomfortable or offering too little support. You may need to have bras fitted regularly if your weight changes, you have a baby, or as you age.
A bra that is too small can cause your breasts to bulge out the top of the cups or around the underarms. On the other hand, bras that are too big usually don’t provide enough support and can lead to back pain. Getting your bra properly fitted will streamline your upper half so you’re well lifted and there’s no lines or bulges. Not only will a well-fitted bra look better, but you’ll also feel so much more comfortable.
plus size woman in bra

Choose Breathable, Natural Fabrics

Plus size girls know how uncomfortable it can get in the summer months. Sweating, chafing and heat rash can become real issues in the heat. Choosing breathable, natural fabrics will help keep you cool, calm, and collected. By choosing fabrics such as cotton or linen you can help avoid sweat stains or wet patches.

Choose Undergarments Which Prevent Chafing

The right foundation is so important for plus-size girls when it comes to planning your wardrobe. Many plus size women struggle with thigh chafing which dictates what they can wear and how they wear it. Investing in the right undergarments will prevent thigh chafing. It will also free up your wardrobe options. Think you can’t wear skirts and dresses because of chafing? Think again! There are lots of wardrobe hacks available to prevent chafing. Subtle anti-chafing shorts are a great option worn under skirts and dresses. They prevent the legs from rubbing together so you won’t get any chafing, and best of all there’s no VPL! If anti-chafe shorts aren’t your thing you should definitely try classic Bandelettes Thigh Bands. These lace thigh bands not only prevent chafing, but they are also super sexy. With the right undergarments, you can feel fantastic inside and out.

Feel Comfortable In Your Clothing

It’s so important to feel comfortable in your clothing every day. But we know it can be hard to be confident when your body is restricted or experiencing discomfort. Don’t let discomfort from thigh chafing hold you back from wearing your favorite clothes. Bandelettes thigh bands are a great way to prevent thigh chafing, without being restrictive like shapewear.
Looking for more wardrobe and body positivity inspiration for plus-size girls? Check out our Ultimate Guide To Body Positivity.