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Article: The Best Plus Size Anti Chafing Shorts

Love hate relationship with chub rub shorts

The Best Plus Size Anti Chafing Shorts

Looking for the best plus size anti-chafing shorts? Bandelettes have you covered! Wearing a pair of special chafing prevention shorts can be the key to comfort. Non-chafing shorts are the vital accessory whether you're planning to wear shorts, a skirt, jeans, or a long dress... especially as the temperature rises! These panty shorts will stop your thighs from rubbing together and causing you discomfort, letting you live life on your own terms. Women of all shapes and sizes can experience thigh chafing. And our shorts are the perfect chafing solution for any woman who experiences this painful issue, including plus-size women. Allure beige with white shirt

What Are Anti-Chafing Shorts?

Anti-chafing shorts are a special type of underwear that prevents chafing. That's because they work to stop rubbing and chafing in the inner thighs and buttocks. You can wear these shorts underneath shorts, skirts, dresses, and even pants. These shorts or boxers are a lightweight and discrete chafing solution, sometimes called 'slip shorts'. They're one of the best chub rub solutions available on the market, because they prevent chafing before it happens. Bandelettes offers both thigh bands and anti-chafing shorts for women, as well as men's anti-chafing thigh bands.

Do Compression Shorts Reduce Chafing?

No! Compression shorts, or shapewear, are not designed to reduce chafing. Anti-chafing shorts are not the same as compression shorts, bike shorts, or modesty shorts. Before special shorts for chafing prevention were available many women might wear regular shorts underneath skirts and dresses, but those products are often too hot and bulky for comfort. To reduce chafing you should choose a breathable and comfortable chafing product, a breathable fabric makes for the best anti-chafing shorts. Bandelettes anti-chafing panty shorts are the perfect product to prevent inner thigh chafing.

What Are The Best Anti Chafing Shorts?

Bandelettes Elegance Elastic Anti-Chafing Lace Panty Shorts are the best shorts to prevent chafing. They come in two different styles and three colors! The key to their success as the best anti-chafing solution is the following qualities:


Our Elegance Lace Panty shorts are super comfortable and very breathable. This is an important feature because sweat can be one of the biggest causes of skin chafing. Save your thighs from discomfort with our seamless, long-leg anti-chafing bottoms. Bandelettes anti-chafing panty shorts stop chafing by preventing sweaty rubbing thighs.


These super comfy panty shorts are not like shapewear. That's because Bandelettes don’t restrict you or make you feel uncomfortable. They stretch with your curves like a second skin. Because Bandelettes stretch and move with your body they don’t ride up or dig into your skin. You can say goodbye to skin rolls and panty lines forever!


Practical thigh wear doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, these non-chafing shorts use sexy lace. They will make you feel gorgeous and confident as well as comfortable. This is the only anti-chafing solution that works, provides all-day comfort, and helps keep you looking amazing! We have two options available, one with built-in underwear which is an all-in-one product, as well as styles that can be worn over your underwear.

Besides Preventing Thigh Chafing, What Are The Other Uses Of Chafing Shorts?

Bandelettes anti-chafing panty shorts are best designed to prevent thigh chafing. But, they do serve other purposes. Other benefits of anti-chafing bottoms include:
  • Anti chafe shorts can replace underwear and also be sexy and pretty.
  • Never having to sit directly on anything gross when you're in a dress.
  • Smooth seamless lines under your clothing - no visible panty lines!
  • Extra coverage underneath sheer or semi-sheer clothing.
  • Smoothes body lines without being constrictive like shapewear.
  • A warm base layer under other clothing.
  • Easily worn under work-out wear, including yoga pants, preventing chafing when exercising.
Bandelettes prevents irritation and scarring from painful skin to skin rubbing. If you love your thighs, your thighs will love wearing Bandelettes Lace Panty Shorts! However, chafing prevention shorts aren't our only product. You may know us for our popular anti-chafing thigh bands. Looking for other chafing solutions? Find out how anti-chafe thigh bands can prevent thigh chafing or check out our shop!