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Article: Expand Your Wardrobe With These Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

Dress for success

Expand Your Wardrobe With These Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

For centuries, skirts and dresses have been associated with sensuality and femininity. Sure, the urge to grab those basic pants sometimes wins, but there’s just something about pulling on a long Bohemian style or a figure-flattering pencil design that makes a curvy girl look and feel beautiful and confident. As much as we love skirts and dresses, if you’re anything like me, you most-likely have pieces in your wardrobe that never see the light of day. It’s not that they’re out of style (they’re not!); they simply pose a problem.

The Reason You’re In A Style Rut

The Question: Do I wear pantyhose (ugh!), or do I simply skip the shape-wear and risk the inevitable reality that, not too far into my day, I’m going to have to deal with the dreaded thigh chafing? The Answer: I’ll be honest here; prior to finding Bandelettes, I would have skipped the skirt altogether. But this discreet, pretty, and completely practical alternative to traditional hosiery has opened my eyes - and my wardrobe - to so many possibilities! Three women at fire station with Bandelettes Because these attractive thigh bands stay put, you can place them where you would normally chafe, and voila! You can wear those skirts and dresses, and everyone will think you’ve splurged on a new outfit. Plus, when you don one of the lace designs, you’re adding an extra element of that feel-good vibe into your day. We all need a little more of that! Don’t let the dreaded chafe keep you from showing off those beautiful clothes you’ve been hiding. You deserve to feel good! Your closet is the perfect place to start! To get more out of your wardrobe read our tips and inspiration in our guide: How To Wear Bandelettes Thigh Bands.