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Article: Treat Yourself With A Gift Of Bandelettes®

Gift yourself

Treat Yourself With A Gift Of Bandelettes®

Deck the halls with... Bandelettes?

Okay, we may be getting a little carried away here, but let this be your friendly reminder not to forget yourself this year in the holiday shuffle. We know, we know... you're busy decorating and shopping so you can shower your loved ones with gifts, but we're going to ask the question you most-likely haven't considered: What about you?

There is one sure-fire way to feel confident and sexy every single day, no matter how hectic life gets. As women, we rarely consider our undergarments, leaving us with drawers filled with mismatched lingerie and once-pretty panties that should have been thrown out years ago.

One way to spice up that dwindling holiday spirit is to take inventory of that often-ignored underwear drawer and treat yourself to some new skivvies. With so many beautiful options out there, you're sure to find pieces that not only do the job; they'll also give you that little extra pep in your step that can only come from feeling good from the inside out.

What's the perfect way to compliment a new lingerie wardrobe? With Bandelettes, of course! For holiday parties, we recommend the Red Romance style. You can throw on your favorite party dress, and feel free to skip the stockings!

We know the stores are super-busy right now, so we make ordering from home a breeze! And if you absolutely insist on shopping for others, throw in a set of the Beige Unisex for the running enthusiast in your life, or remind your BFF to take care of herself, too, by wrapping up the White Onyx Bandelettes just for her!

We all love this season of giving, and we are determined to make women feel gorgeous this holiday! While we are totally on-board with spoiling your family and friends, our recommendation? Start with yourself! You won't regret it!