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Article: How to Pair Bandelettes With This Summer’s Fashion Trends

Bandelettes ready for summer at beach

How to Pair Bandelettes With This Summer’s Fashion Trends

While many of us are used to wearing sweatpants and oversized tee shirts for the past months due to being stuck in isolation from the coronavirus, we are so excited to get back to wearing proper clothes again! It's time to start rocking the latest fashion trends for summer 2020 while simultaneously helping prevent thigh chafing. While you can wear Bandelettes with just about anything, we are going to go over some fashion trends that look especially chic with our thigh bands and which specific product goes best with each outfit. How to pair Bandelettes with summer fashion trends infographic

Drawstring Details

Drawstrings do an excellent job of highlighting your waist in order to make you look slim and youthful, and can go with virtually any type of outfit. Drawstring blouses or pants with a drawstring waist make excellent work attire, while drawstring dresses are perfect for happy hour. You can even make your loungewear fashionable by adding drawstring joggers or a drawstring waist crewneck!

Tiered Dresses

Another popular trend we are seeing this summer is tiered dresses. You can find all kinds of long, gorgeous, flowy dresses with layer upon layer of light, whimsical fabrics. These dresses are ultra-feminine and are perfect for summer weddings, baby showers, date night on the town, or any other special event. Slipping on some Romance Bandelettes will help you feel even more dressed up even if no one sees them! This is because they give off an elegant, sexy garter vibe while also helping prevent thigh chafing so you can stay cute and comfortable all night long.

Polka Dots

Spotted all over the runways (no pun intended) is polka dots. While this is by no means a new trend, it is making a comeback on a variety of different pieces, from jumpsuits to dresses and pants to blouses.

Vintage Denim

Another trend we are seeing make a comeback is vintage denim. Whether it be with mom jeans and shorts or up-cycled jean jackets, we are digging these 2001 Britney Spears vibes.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are also on the comeback list! Especially Bermuda short-suits, giving a new twist to the look of knee-length skirts. Bandelettes go great with any of these summer 2020 trends, regardless if you are dressing up with a lovely tiered dress, or down with a comfy-casual drawstring sweatpants look. If you are dressing up, opt for our lace thigh bands or panty shorts. If you are going for more of a casual look, our sport thigh bands are an excellent option to prevent thigh chafing. For more ideas on how to wear Bandelettes check out our guide: How To Wear Bandelettes.