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Article: The Best Anti-Chafing Shorts To Wear When Working Out

man in anti-chafing shorts to wear when working out

The Best Anti-Chafing Shorts To Wear When Working Out

You’re nailing a barre workout or pushing yourself to get through one last mile on your spin bike. The endorphins are pumping and you feel like nothing can stop you. But then it starts – the dreaded thigh chafing. Suddenly, every move of your workout is agony. It's a common belief that only overweight people suffer chafing. This is a myth, people of all shapes and sizes can suffer from chafing. Very fit and active people, even professional athletes can suffer from chafing. This is a common skin condition that occurs when the legs rub together during vigorous exercise. Trust us, it's not just you, chafing is a problem for both active men and women. Choosing the right anti-chafing shorts to wear when working out is key if you want a chafe-free experience. man working out

Which Workout Shorts Prevent Chafing?

Many people believe you only suffer chafing from wearing dresses. But chafing when wearing shorts or pants is also very common. Men’s and women’s running style shorts which are loose-fitting are common offenders. Sure, these shorts may seem great for exercise... They're designed so they breathe and allow plenty of movement, after all. But these short running styles usually leave a large amount of your thigh exposed to sweat and rubbing. You can still wear this style of shorts when exercising while avoiding chafing. Simply pair your running shorts with a pair of unisex Bandelettes exercise thigh bands. Save your thighs from discomfort with these discrete and comfortable exercise bands that prevent painful skin on skin friction. Bike short styles are also specifically designed to prevent chafing when cycling. Proper bike shorts will also be designed with padding in the saddle to make your ride more comfortable. However, these styles can be very form-fitting and aren't suitable for all types of exercise. Not to mention, bike shorts without a bike aren't always the fashion statement we want to make!

How To Wear Thigh Bands When Exercising

It's easy to wear thigh bands when working out. You should wear the thigh bands around the largest part of your thigh so the Bandelettes eliminate chafing and sweat. Bandelettes are designed to stay put, so you don't need to worry about readjusting all the time. Plus, you won’t have to sit on anything gross or sweaty at the gym! Whether you enjoy golf, tennis, cycling, or HIIT - thigh bands are the perfect solution for your workout regimen. men and women wearing thigh bands

What’s The Best Anti-chafing Athletic Underwear for Men?

Not only do you need to choose the right anti-chafing shorts to wear when working out, but what you wear underneath them matters as well. Not all underwear is created equal, especially when we’re working hard. Men need support and protection, but they also need to breathe. So what’s the best anti-chafing underwear you can buy? Men should choose athletic underwear made with synthetic fabrics that utilize modern technology to keep you cool and dry. Choose supportive styles that will allow you to move freely. Both men and women can wear their regular workout underwear in tandem with our men’s anti-chafing bands.

What’s The Best Anti-chafing Athletic Underwear for Women?

Women can choose from our range of Bandelettes anti-chafing products. Our unisex thigh bands are ideal when wearing exercise shorts. The smooth material prevents friction and the resulting chafing during even the most vigorous workouts. We also have a range of anti-chafing shorts that are great to wear under dresses and skirts after the gym . Looking for more chafing solutions to suit your active lifestyle? Check out these top 5 Ways To Stop Thigh Chafing While Running.