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Article: How to Wear Bandelettes® This Holiday Season

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How to Wear Bandelettes® This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes celebratory gatherings with friends and families! For many, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to show off special & festive outfits. But thigh chafing is not just a summer issue, as you pull out your party dress or pack your suitcase, remember to include your trusty Bandelettes thigh bands. For those who travel to tropical destinations, or for those who want to show some skin and forgo panty hose, Bandelettes provide a chic way to stay comfortable.

Wear Bandelettes On Your Tropical Holiday Getaway

For a fun and fresh new look, throw on a pair of white Bandelettes underneath your favorite shorts. A peak of lace below your hem offers a playful touch to your favorite tropical look – whether for a long walk on the beach or lunch by the pool, Bandelettes has you covered. Avoid thigh chafing in the heat, make thigh bands an essential holiday item!

Dance into the New Year with Sexy Bandelettes

Vow to make the New Year even better than the last & dance the night away in style! This is the one night of the year to dress especially festive. If a sequined dress isn’t your thing – try pairing your favorite black top with an iridescent skirt. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from being hot. Bandelettes anti-chafing thigh bands make a sexy addition to your favorite party dresses. Woman dancing in a group

Be Comfortable in Your Party Dress with Bandelettes Thigh Bands

Make a splash during your family’s annual holiday gathering. Experiment with different textures: look for a lace or velvet dress. For a more polished look, add your favorite blazer or scarf. While small talk with your in-laws may be uncomfortable – your thighs won’t be with Bandelettes. Whether dancing into the new year or sharing a sunset stroll on the beach – Bandelettes has got you covered! For more thigh band fashion tips and inspiration read our guide: How To Wear Bandelettes Thigh Bands.