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Article: Thick Thigh Problems - And How To Deal With Them

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Thick Thigh Problems - And How To Deal With Them

There are some thick thigh problems that you’ve got to experience to understand. Top of the list? Chub rub. For too long the view of beauty or what makes a perfect body has been far too narrow. We continue to make progress in 2020 as a society that embraces many kinds of beauty. One group of women are getting more exposure than ever. Thick girls, also known as "Thicc Girls" are finally getting the admiration they deserve!

What is a Thick Girl?

"Thick" is a slang word for curvy. A “thick girl” is a term of endearment or appreciation for someone considered attractive due to their voluptuous or curvaceous figure. It’s often used interchangeably with having an “hourglass” figure. But, "thick" is typically used to describe women with curvier bottoms and “thick thighs”. Famous Thick Girls include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Serena Williams, and many others. But, in a society that has long celebrated thinness, some women have varying feelings about the word “thick.” Many women embrace the term, with hashtags and threads on social media platforms that celebrate thick women. But not everyone loves this term when it comes to describing women’s bodies. Yet, the term is generally considered a compliment. It replaces more derogative terms such as “thunder thighs” previously used to describe women with more generous thighs. Love or loathe the term, many women know that being thick comes with its own set of problems, especially when it comes to thick thighs. Here are a few common thick girl issues and how to deal with them.

Thick Thigh Girl Problems & How To Solve Them

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Problem: Finding Pants That Fit

Finding clothing that fits, especially pants, can be a big challenge for curvy girls with thick thighs. “One size fits all” is a bad joke to you. You know you have to try EVERYTHING on before you buy, making ordering online a huge challenge. Sometimes you think you’ve found pants that fit. They sit perfectly around your booty and thighs.... but then you find they are always baggy or too long down near your ankles.

Solution: Find Curvy Brands

Seek out new brands that cater to a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out our guide to Dressing For Success At Any Size for some helpful tips. Outfitting thick thighs is sometimes a challenge, but remember you look damn good when you find that item that fits!

Problem: Chub Rub

Most people have experienced that thigh smack when you run or even walk. Very few people have a thigh gap, regardless of weight or fitness level. So most of us experience the dreaded inner thigh chafing or “chub rub” at some point. Some suffer chafing only in the hot months, but many suffer chronically during their life.

Solution: Wear Anti Chafing Bands

Anti-chafing Thigh Bands by Bandelettes® provide a barrier between your thighs. The barrier stops the skin from one thigh rubbing against the skin on your other thigh. This barrier easily prevents painful chafing! Bandelettes sit discreetly under pants, skirts, shorts, or dresses. They're such a simple solution whether you’re exercising or just going about your day. If you'd prefer something more traditional, you can check out our anti-chafing shorts! Great replacement for bridal garter

Problem: You Can't Wear Thigh Highs Or Garters

Thigh highs look super sexy. But many women with thick thighs know the struggle of trying to get thigh-high, garters or stay-ups to actually STAY UP. Thigh highs that roll down, bunch, or cut into thighs aren’t sexy and can be annoying and painful.

The Solution: Lace Thigh Bands

Lace Bandelettes® offer a solution to chafing and double as sexy lingerie. They look just like a sexy garter, but they’re designed for all shapes and sizes and are made to stay up regardless of this size or shape of your thighs!

Problem: Dark Patches On The Inner Thighs

Several factors can cause dark spots on the inner thighs. Chafing is one of the biggest culprits. If you suffer from thigh chafing regularly you may start to notice permanent discoloration between your thighs. This can also extend around the groin area.

The Solution: Anti-Chafing Shorts or Bands

There are lots of chafing creams and products on the market which treat chafing and soothe the skin. There are also products that can help treat skin discoloration. But it’s important to prevent chafing from ever happening if you want to avoid skin discoloration for the long-term. Anti-chafing shorts or Thigh Bands are a thick girl’s BFF in the fight against dark patches!

Jeans wearing out in the thighs

Problem: Holes And Wear From Rubbing On Your Jeans

Do your pants or jeans always rip on your inner thighs? That’s because your thighs are always rubbing together. Likewise, fabric at the seams of all your pants and shorts always seems to pull or go see-through from the strain.

The Solution: Extra Enforcement

Sometimes if a clothing item doesn’t suit your needs then you just have to modify it. Reinforce the inside of your jeans with patches on the inner thigh. This DIY trick can help prevent the painful rubbing of denim against the skin, and help the fabric last longer. If you’re looking for more body-positive inspiration you can also check out our Ultimate Guide To Body Positivity.