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Article: Sexy Festive Lingerie For The Holiday Season

Three women in Bandelettes Thigh Bands

Sexy Festive Lingerie For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost upon us! If 2020 has taught us anything it’s how to have some fun at home, so why not have some fun in the bedroom? Spice things up for the festive season with sexy festive lingerie this winter. Bandelettes® Thigh Bands are practical... but could land you on the naughty list! At least your thighs will be out of trouble! Our sexy anti-chafing thigh bands are a great substitute for garters or stay-ups! Bandelettes come in a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes, so we’ve got all women covered. Our sexy Thigh Bands are specially designed to stay put. So, unlike pesky “stay-ups” that always fall down, our bands stay on, keeping those thighs safe! Our Thigh Bands look like saucy festive lingerie, but also act to completely prevent thigh chafing! You may associate thigh chafing with the summer months, but it can also happen year-round. If you want to wear a pretty skirt, dress, or teddy this holiday season you’ll want a little thigh protection. As far as festive underthings are concerned, we've got your thighs covered with these holiday-inspired thigh bands!

Festive Thighwear

To seduce in the color of the season, try our sexy red thigh band styles. With Bandelettes® Romance Thigh Bands you can show off the pretty lace with heart details while feeling super sexy. Feel and look great, all the while putting an end to unsightly inner-thigh chafing. red festive lingerie If your look is sexy snow-woman go for white thigh bands such as this Dolce Thigh Band style. white lace thigh band For a thigh band that really gets the heart racing, try our Ashley Nell Tipton Limited Edition Thigh Bands. This style comes in red lace with a contrasting lace-up detail. All our designs include two silicone anti-slip strips which means you can rest assured that these thigh bands aren’t going anywhere. festive lingerie Bandelettes make a great gift for your significant other to enjoy... as they unwrap you! And if you find yourself sleigh riding solo this festive season, no worries! Santa shouldn't need a reason to put a sexy and practical treat beneath your tree. Gift yourself some Bandelettes® thigh bands and add the perfect twist to your Christmas Eve (or morning)! Bandelettes are committed to freeing men and women from the pain of skin chafing, allowing you to wear and do what you want! Check out our full range of thigh bands and anti-chafing shorts here.