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Article: The Biggest Body Positivity Champions Of Last Year

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The Biggest Body Positivity Champions Of Last Year

Every January, we start a new year reflecting on the past 12 months. We consider what we have achieved and what is still left to accomplish. In many ways, 2021 was a challenging year, but we saw a significant positive change in other ways. For example, when it comes to the body positivity movement, 2021 was a year of considerable change. Increasingly major fashion retailers and brands adopted more diverse sizes and representation. TikTok and other social media platforms spurred change, making the influencer space more diverse and inclusive. So let's look back at some of the most prominent body positivity champions in 2021.


Aashna Bhagwani

Digital content creator Aashna Bhagwani was named one of Cosmopolitan magazine's most significant body positivity influencers of 2021. Aashana boasts more than 200,000 followers and challenges societal norms discriminating against different sizes.

Shira Rose

Shira Rose is a qualified eating disorder therapist who has dedicated her popularity to help people battling the same issues she's faced herself. You can check out body positive style blog, for more inspiration.


Neha Parulkar

Neha Parulkar is another digital content creator and TedX speaker who has gained notoriety in 2021. The plus-size model inspires hundreds of thousands of followers to embrace their figures and practice self-love.

Louise Green

Louise Green is a size-inclusive fitness expert who uses social media to help her followers get strong and healthy - not skinnier! Louise and her book, Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have, offers advice on fitness activities, comfortable workout clothes, and explains how the fitness and wellness industry has traditionally worked against people with plus-size bodies.


Dr. Alex George

Fans of the reality TV show Love Island will recognize Dr. Alex George from his time in the Love Island Villa. While many islanders become influencers, Alex has used his reality fame for good. As an advocate for mental health and body acceptance, Alex has challenged the often unrealistic ideals of social media with relatively candid photos and messages of self-love. He's also the author of the No.1 Bestseller Live Well Every Day. The body-positive space is still largely female-dominated, so it's great to see Alex be a positive role model for guys as well.

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Jessamyn Stanley

Yogis will love Jessamyn Stanley, whose book Every Body Yoga is a breath of fresh air. Stanley brings diversity to the yoga space, challenging the established image that yoga is only for thin white bodies.

Margaret Cho

Comedian Margaret Cho has long made us love, but in 2021 she also rose up as a body positivity champion. Her popular stand-up material explores feminist issues, eating disorders, sexuality, gender, and stereotypes. Her inspiring work has earned her the nickname "patron saint of outsiders."

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Tilly Ramsey

Tilly Ramsey, daughter of Chef Gordon Ramsey, rose to prominence in 2021 after tackling bullying. The teenager was the subject of body shaming and bullying from British radio hosts, which caused a backlash and a wave of public support. Standing up for herself, Tilly fought back and has inspired other teens to stand against social media bullying.