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Article: Don’t Try These DIY Chafing Treatments At Home

coconut oil for chafing

Don’t Try These DIY Chafing Treatments At Home

It’s easy to Google DIY chafing treatments these days, but not all the information on the internet is correct or beneficial. Before you try treating your thigh chafing at home, read which DIY treatments you should be avoiding.

Using Deodorant To Prevent Chafing

Sweat is one of the biggest causes of chafing. That's why many people suffer from chafing during the hot summer months, or during exercise. It can, therefore, seem like a great idea to try and avoid sweating altogether. Many sources may suggest putting deodorant on your inner thighs to prevent chafing. For some people, this can help somewhat reduce sweating and chafing. But deodorant does not actually prevent friction between the thighs. Therefore, it’s not a fully effective DIY treatment to stop your thighs from rubbing. water

Wetting The Chafed Area With Water

Bad chafing can sting and burn and be extremely painful. It’s easy to find temporary relief by wetting the affected area with water. However, leaving an area that’s prone to chafing wet will only make matters worse. That’s because sweat and moisture are some of the main causes of friction and chafing. You should always wash and clean chafed skin, but be sure you dry thoroughly afterward. baby powder for chafing

Using Baby Powder To Prevent Chafing

We can’t deny that baby powder is great for soaking up moisture. That’s one of the reasons baby powder or cornstarch are often suggested as solutions for chafing. But baby powder gets everywhere! It can stain and ruin clothing, leading to embarrassment. It is really NOT recommended if you’re wearing dark colors. It’s also very visible if you’re wearing shorts or have your legs exposed, making it an impractical solution in most cases. sewing DIY chafing thigh bands

Making DIY Thigh Bands

Unless you’re an expert seamstress it’s probably not a good idea to try and make DIY thigh bands. The wrong choice of material or a poor fit could make chafing worse. Poorly fitted thigh bands often slip down or cut into the skin, which can be both irritating and annoying to manage. coconut oil for chafing

Using Coconut Oil To Prevent Chafing

Coconut oil has become a popular beauty product and has lots of great skin benefits. But the process of using coconut oil to relieve or prevent chafing is messy from start to finish. Coconut oil starts in a solid form like a body butter. But, when it gets warm it will become a liquid oil that gets everywhere! Walking with coconut oil on your inner thighs can feel uncomfortably wet and slippery. Coconut oil can also leave terrible stains on clothing. This is a sticky solution that’s best avoided! Black Thigh Bands on Display Forget about messy or ineffective chafing home remedies. If you suffer from chafing, or "friction affliction," Bandelettes has the solutions you need. Our saucy lace bands for women are the only sexy solution to protecting your thighs. And our unisex thigh bands are great for men and women for everyday wear or to prevent chafing experienced during exercise. No mess, no stains, no fuss! Check out our range now.