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Article: How To Dress Confidently No Matter Your Body Shape

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How To Dress Confidently No Matter Your Body Shape

We all have those days where we look in the closet with despair, convinced that nothing looks good on us. Luckily, you can avoid those days with a few simple tips. Read on to learn how you can dress confidently no matter your body shape.

Can Clothes Make You More Confident?

Some people feel they're most confident when completely naked – good for them! For everyone else, clothes and undergarments can make a big difference in how confident we feel.

It might be that perfectly tailored suit. Your favorite sexy dress. Those stretchy yoga pants that hold everything in place. Or, your trusty pair of Mom jeans. The right outfit makes a huge difference to your confidence. Whether you’re going on a date, heading to an interview, or working out... When you wear something you love you hold your head a little bit higher.


Prevent chub rub with thigh bands On the flip side, studies have shown that people tend to dress according to their mood. If you’re feeling sad, you’re more likely to wear unflattering clothes. But research from the University of Hertfordshire shows you can actively improve your mood by how you dress. A simple choice of wearing bright, well-fitting clothing can make all the difference! Dressing for confidence is finally catching on. Fashion Editors have begun talking about ‘fashion wellness,’ an ethos of dressing to feel amazing and self-assured. It’s about dressing for happiness, not for a trend or gratification. To feel confident in your clothing, start by choosing styles that you love in colors that make you happy. Choosing something that is flattering for your body type is also a key component of confident dressing.

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Stop focusing on hiding perceived “flaws.” Focus instead on your best feature. Whatever that favorite area or body part might be, it's time to recognize it. It might be your legs, your shoulders, your decolletage, or your arms. Whatever your best feature is, build your wardrobe around it. When you work with your best features, you shift your mind to focus on showing off your body, not hiding it! It doesn't matter if you're pear-shaped, a classic apple, an inverted triangle, or another shape - you can look and feel amazing! These days there are ever more body types being identified (13 now!), and there's advice and style inspiration for each one. Woman Wearing White Pleated Dress

10 Ways To Feel Confident In Your Clothes

  1. Be confident with your body
  2. Know yourself, flaunt your best assets
  3. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable
  4. Choose the colors and fabrics that you love
  5. Walk with confidence and your head held high
  6. Wear what you love, not what someone tells you is fashionable
  7. Work your outfit with pride
  8. Don’t be too hard on yourself
  9. Smile!
  10. Always be yourself

Feel Comfortable In Your Clothes

It’s important you feel comfortable in your clothing. It’s hard to be confident when your body is restricted or experiencing discomfort. So don’t let discomfort from thigh chafing hold you back from wearing your favorite wrap dress or flouncy skirt. Bandelettes thigh bands are a great way to prevent thigh chafing, without being restrictive like shapewear. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Ultimate Guide To Body Positivity.