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Article: Dress Up Your Pear Shaped Figure With Bandelettes®

Many women have a gorgeous pear shaped figure
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Dress Up Your Pear Shaped Figure With Bandelettes®

Women come in all shapes and sizes. But some body shapes are more common than others, and many women find themselves with a gorgeous “pear-shaped” figure. Unfortunately, many retailers don't recognize that women come in many different shapes, and often only make clothing to fit someone who is more or less the same size all over. Pears are usually a different size on top than they are on the bottom so it can be very difficult to find pear-shaped clothes online. Women with a pear-shaped figure typically have small to medium measurements in the chest region while having a wider and curvier hip and thigh area. Dressing for a pear-shaped figure can be one of the most difficult body types to find attire for, but it can also be one of the most stunning when styled right. Here are some of our best tips on how to shop for clothes by body type, specifically dressing if you are pear-shaped to accentuate and enhance your gorgeous physique. Celebrities who embrace their pear body shapes include Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna – pear-shaped celebrities are some of the most beautiful women in the world!

Dressing To Enhance A Pear Shaped Figure

Many women love their pear shape and want to accentuate it, tight-fitting bottoms and crop tops that show off a slim waistline are a great way to achieve this. Nicely fitted pear-shaped dresses can be hard to find if you look for form-fitting cuts, but dresses with flared skirts or stretchy fabrics can stretch to fit a bottom half that is larger without gaping around the top. Dressing for a pear shaped body, clothing examples

Dressing To Hide Your Pear Shape

If you prefer to create an illusion that your lower section is in proportion to your upper section, there are wardrobe tips you can follow. You can lengthen your silhouette by wearing things like long shirts, dusters, or jackets that hit mid-thigh. This will draw attention away from the fact that you have wider hips. You also want to stay away from embellished or printed bottoms that draw the eye to your lower region.

Creating An Hour Glass Figure

If you prefer an hourglass figure, you can easily fake one by wearing a dress or top that is cinched in at the waist and flows freely at the bottom. Try wearing a pushup bra that has a little padding to give yourself a little extra oomph up top and you’ll have the perfect hourglass frame. If you want to show off your collarbone or cleavage a little more, try choosing a top that has a slightly lower neckline that will show off just the right amount of skin.

Dealing With Large Thighs

One of the main concerns for women who have a pair shaped figure is the thick thighs that come with it. Having curvier thighs can create a bit of rubbing when you walk or are active which ultimately leads to irritating rashes and bumps from the friction. That’s where Bandelettes come in! Wear them under any outfit or dress to get rid of the “chub rub” for good. Visit our store to pick up your pair today. For more ideas and inspiration, read our comprehensive guide to looking and feeling great - both inside and out: Your Ultimate Guide To Body Positivity.