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Article: 5 Times Chub Rub Prevents You from Having Fun

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5 Times Chub Rub Prevents You from Having Fun

You step outside of the house, looking like a million bucks. Your confidence level is at an all-time high. You feel so good. Even the hot scorching sun can’t ruin your day. Is that a challenge, the sun says? As temperatures rise and you move about your day you begin chafing... When your thighs touch each other, it results in a painful rash, not to mention the discomfort you feel. Within minutes, your confidence level goes down. The smile on your face turns into a frown. Your eyes dart left and right, hoping no one sees you, as you continue to walk awkwardly, suffering from the dreaded "chub rub".

So What Is Chub Rub?

In warm weather, or during exercise, friction from frequently touching inner thighs can lead to burning, then pain, irritation or even bleeding. The common name for this type of chafing is “chub rub”. Despite the name, it is actually not something only overweight people experience, in reality, it is experienced by people of all body types, including those who exercise frequently. Yes, thigh chafing is a nightmare. It prevents you from living your life to the fullest and gets in between you and fun. Here are some common situations that lead to thigh chafing, and some tips on how to avoid painful rubbing. Woman dancing and preventing thigh chafing

1. Chafing from Dancing

You’re in your favorite dress, doing your thing on the dance floor, having fun with your friends or partner and suddenly you start to feel a burning sensation on your inner thighs. As things heat up on the dance floor you find yourself excusing yourself and sitting out the fun. You’re not an awful dancer, we’re sure of it, and even if dancing is not your strongest suit, chafing causes you to dance even more offbeat than you usually do. You can’t even dance freely without thighs continuing to rub against each other. What you need is an anti-chafing solution. You need to wear a skin protectant that allows you to dance your heart out.

2. Chafing from Ice Skating

You’re out with your friends or on a date at an ice skating rink. If you love ice skating, chafing will ensure you don’t enjoy it. Even if you’re wearing a cute skirt or shorts, your thighs will continue to rub against each other. Chafing causes your inner thighs to turn red. You can wear thigh bands by Bandelettes® that will prevent your thighs from coming in contact with each other during skating season. Woman riding bike

3. Chafing from Bike Riding

Did you used to enjoy bike riding but found you had to give it up due to chafing? Or do you bike wearing sweatpants now because biking shorts caused chafing? You can ride your bike again, and even wear biking shorts again. Your thighs will not rub together because you’ll be wearing Unisex thigh bands by Bandelettes®, a skin protectant that will keep thigh chafing at bay.

4. Chafing While Wearing Dresses

Going to parties, especially in the summer, often means wearing cute dresses, but that also means continuous chafing for hours. Dealing with chafing for a few hours means coming home to rashes on your inner thighs. Now, you only go to parties when you really have to, or restrict your outfit choices to avoid rubbing thighs. With thigh bands, you can go to as many parties as you want and wear whatever you feel like. You can wear thigh bands by Bandelettes® regardless of the length of your dress.

5. Chafing Or Runner's Rash

If you run, jog or walk in the park or around your neighborhood, you will do yourself a big favor by buying thigh bands by Bandelettes®. Your thighs, if they could talk, would thank you for protecting them from the sweat brought on by the exercise. You can wear shorts while jogging again if you stopped wearing them because of your thighs constantly rubbing against each other. We bet there are more occasions you can come up with where chafing has stopped you living life to its fullest. To defeat chafing all you need to do is wear Bandelettes®, and continue to have fun all day long. Three women at fire station with Bandelettes

How Do You Wear Skin Protectants?

We understand you may have concerns about skin protectants, as they are often not attractive to look at and if they accidentally show, what will people think? First, not all skin protectants are alike. You can wear beautiful, lacey thigh bands by Bandelettes® that look super sophisticated. You can wear it under any type of dress, short or long. Wear it under your dress, shorts, and skirts without being conscious about what others might think if it accidentally shows. Even if it does, it will not look ugly. Moreover, if you wear a slightly see-through dress, you can buy anti-chafing Bandelettes® that match the color of your dress. Our thigh bands are available in many classic colors such as black, red, white, and beige. When you are leaving your house in the daytime, especially when the sun is out, you can slip on your Bandelettes® anti-chafing thigh bands. The sun will look down at you when you step out. It will plot to ruin your day. It will try and continue trying, but with no success. You can smile up at the sun, wearing your sunglasses with a grin on your face... Because the sun is no match for Bandelettes®! If you want to go out dancing, skating, partying, or jogging, you can do it with confidence and without painful thigh chafing. Woman wearing Bandelettes with legs crossed

Where Can You Get Premium Quality Skin Protectants?

Well, you can grab a pair of premium quality Bandelettes® right here on this website! Our skin protectants are available in an assortment of colors. If you’re looking for thigh bands you can wear whether you're going out, staying in, or hitting the gym, you can wear ours. Our product will boost your confidence, making you feel sexy, bold, and beautiful. The thought of chafed thighs that used to bother you so much will not even cross your mind. The times where you lacked confidence and felt uncomfortable are long behind you! Now, with the help of our product, you can walk down the street, dance in the club, party the night away, and ice skate like a pro. No matter how much you move, our product will stay in place so no need to stress about them slipping off your thighs. What do you say? Do you want to start feeling confident and gorgeous again? Are you ready to say goodbye to chafing forever? If you can’t wait to start feeling stunning and comfortable in your own skin, wear Bandelettes® and show “chub rub” the way out!