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Expand Your Wardrobe With These Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

For centuries, skirts and dresses have been associated with sensuality and femininity. Sure, the urge to grab those basic pants sometimes wins, but there’s just something about pulling on a long Bohemian style or a figure-flattering pencil design that makes a curvy...

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Treat Yourself With A Gift Of Bandelettes®

Deck the halls with... Bandelettes? Okay, we may be getting a little carried away here, but let this be your friendly reminder not to forget yourself this year in the holiday shuffle. We know, we know... you're busy decorating and shopping so you can shower your loved...

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Spooky Halloween Outfits With Bandelettes®

We’re pretty sure you’ve already marked your calendars, but just in case, we’re here to tell you that Halloween is only a few short weeks away! In addition to carving pumpkins, buying treats for trick-or-treaters and decorating your front porches, half the fun is...

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4 Easy Solutions For Chafing Thighs Treatment

Picture this: It’s Summer. You’re having an AWESOME day. Maybe you’re strolling down a beach in your favorite sundress or dancing the night away under the stars in a stylish mini skirt. Or maybe you’re just out walking your dog in a trusty pair of denim shorts. The...

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Men Suffer From Male Chafing Too

When we think of inner thigh chafing, we automatically think of it as something women alone suffer from. Inner thigh chafing is a prevalent discussion among women and advice on how to prevent the pain and discomfort is often directed solely at them. However, male...

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These Wedding Lingerie Accessories Keep Brides Comfortable

Brides carefully prepare and parse out every detail of their big day: their wedding dress, wedding lingerie accessories, hair, makeup, seating charts, floral arrangements, themed cocktails, etc. As all the elements of a perfect wedding come together, there is...

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The Perfect Pair Of Bandelettes® For Everyone & Every Mood

Bandelettes were designed with fashion and functionality in mind. Our extensive collection of patterns and colors provides an option for everyone and every mood. For the Power Meeting Be bold in black. Black is a commanding color that exudes confidence. For your next...

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How to Wear Bandelettes® This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes celebratory gatherings with friends and families! For many, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to show off special & festive outfits. But thigh chafing is not just a summer issue, as you pull out...

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Curvy Style Ideas For Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting occasions of the year for many of us. There are so many cute and creative costume options lining every store rack along with adorable accessories to complete your outfit. Halloween has a reputation for...

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Dress Up Your Pear Shaped Figure With Bandelettes®

Women come in all shapes and sizes. But some body shapes are more common than others, and many women find themselves with a gorgeous “pear-shaped” figure. Unfortunately, many retailers don't recognize that women come in many different shapes, and often only make...

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Spice Things Up With Sexy Thigh Bands From Bandelettes®

When two people have been together long enough, it’s completely normal for things to start feeling a little dull. On the other hand, perhaps your relationship is hotter than ever. Either way, every couple can benefit from shaking things up a little bit and that’s...

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Who Can Wear Bandelettes®? – Anyone!

The assumption that you can only wear Bandelettes thigh bands if you are a plus sized lady and gentlemen couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe it or not, our top selling sizes are “B” and “C” meaning that most of our customers range from a size 4 to a size 12....

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Traveling with Bandelettes – The Packing Essential

Thigh bands are an essential item for any traveler. Bandelettes thigh bands come in handy for all types of vacations. Whether you’re traveling to a hot and humid country, going on a hiking adventure, or lounging with a cocktail in a summer dress. Hosiery and shapewear...

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Love your thighs, not the rub. Click here to find your perfect style and put an end to painful inner thigh chafing today!

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