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1. of or having a special activity, purpose, or task; relating to the way in which something works or operates.



1.sexually attractive or exciting.

“Functional” and “sexy” aren’t two words often used together because a certain amount of practicality is usually sacrificed to make something hot. Think “thong” ladies! Nowhere is this better demonstrated than wearing dresses. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flirty sundress or a wicked black leather mini, chafing in your inner thighs is enough to make you run screaming to a boring pants suit! But you can now throw away the talc powder because we’ve discovered a great new product that is both attractive and useful to avoiding that raw stinging feeling! Introducing Bandelettes.








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Bandelettes. Or How to Wear a Skirt and Not Cry.


Review by Pretty Girl Science Blogger Nichole

I love skirts and dresses. They are comfortable in most weather, and can make just about anyone look classier and more pulled together than they actually are. But, like bazillions of women, I hate the irritation that comes with wearing skirts and dressing without stockings or tights. It’s all because of the “chub rub”…that awful burny chafing that comes with having thighs and walking around. Chub rub is the reason I rarely wear skirts. I have tried all sorts of things to avoid it: leggings, footless tights, anti-chafing balm, bike shorts…all completely acceptable, but sub-par, solutions. While I don’t live in a hot climate, I am a “hot-blooded” type of person. I like leaving the windows open all year, regardless of weather. So wearing an extra layer of clothing under a skirt is not an ideal option for me. It’s pretty much a recipe for misery. Not only to I get overheated and grumpy, but most solutions end up affecting the way my skirts and dresses hang. No one wants to be fussing and fretting over the way a skirt is hanging off their hips all day. It’s enough to make me surrender and wear pants.

Then a few weeks ago, I saw a blog post about Bandelettes, and I knew I had found my perfect solution. They are the most elegant (and kinda sexy!) solution to the chub rub problem I’ve ever seen. Two wide bands of elastic, smooth lace, and some magical grip tape combine to make me a happy skirt-wearing fool. They completely cover the “danger zone” and allow me to walk comfortably for hours. Plus, they are less than half the cost of my favorite brand of footless tights. If I were the short-wearing-type, these wouldnt even look bad poking out of the bottom of a pair of denim shorts.

I did have a few worries before I tried them. Thankfully, they were all unfounded.

I hate lace. Hate. Loathe. Abhor. Every lacey thing I’ve ever had has made me itch so bad I wondered if it were made of burlap. But these are surprisingly smooth and comfortable. Even with my unshaven legs (dont judge me) there were no problems at all.

I was afraid they would roll. If you have thighs, or have ever worn a pair of suspender-free stockings, you probably know what I mean. They fit great…until you stand up and start walking around. The flexing of your legs eventually forces them to roll and sag…and you end up looking like Thelma Harper. But so far, they haven’t moved an inch. AT ALL. Which is awesome, because the last thing I want to do is fidget with my undergarments in public. That is never a good look.

They wouldn’t fit me. There are so many possible “miracle” products nowadays. Perfect bras, perfect tights, perfect shirts…the list is probably endless. But if you are outside of “average” sizing, you’re shit-out-of-luck. Not so with the Bandalettes. They actually came in my size, and I have hugemungous (its a word, shut up) thighs. In fact, now that I’ve worn them and know where I like them best, I think I could go down a size when I buy the nude pair.

TL;DR here is this: If you love skirts, but hate having to fuss with thick layers around your waist and hips then these are for you. Buy two pair. It’s still a damn sight cheaper than any previous solution I’ve found. You can purchase your own pair here, and follow them on Facebook for all the latest news.

Bandelettes: The Sexy Solution To Thigh Chafing (A Review)


Please read Bandelettes Review posted on – Plus Size Clothing Portal on July 16,2013

A while ago I introduced you to Bandelettes, a new and very innovative product, that addresses (in a very sexy way!) a common problem among women, especially plus size women: thigh chafing.

When I was first introduced to this product I loved the way this company approached trying to find a solution to this problem: in a sexy way!


There are various methods out there, even new ones I’ve discovered with talking to followers on Facebook, on how to tackle this uncomfortable problem. Some people recommend ripping out tights and using the top part to prevent skin rubbing; others recommend using deodorant between thighs (!) to sooth and reduce friction. You get the point right, a lot of different solutions, and I am sure there are different solutions which suit individual people best.

However, out of all the solutions to thigh chafing I read about and heard of, none of these came close to approaching it the way Bandelettes have.

When I think of a solution to thigh chafing, especially when thinking of the home made remedies and other solutions, I tend to approach it with apprehension, and treat it as something I have to do to solve an often painful problem. However, tackling and preventing inner thigh chafing with something like Bandelettes simply sounds like fun, and also like something my husband would love to see me wear!

So suddenly, the problem isn’t so bad, thanks to this fun and seductive solution!

I was lucky enough to have 2 pairs of Bandelettes sent to me a couple of weeks ago to try out. First off, finding the right size of Bandelettes to order is super easy. Simply measure your inner thigh, at the point where you plan on wearing the Bandelettes, and then quickly find where you fit in their size chart. Their sizes range from A (21″ – 22″) to E (29″ – 30″).


Every pair of Bandelettes arrived of course very nicely packed, and what struck me upon opening the pack is how soft and smooth the material feels. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive about these products at the start, when I first got to know about them. I thought adding some material in between my inner thighs would increase friction further and definitely not solve the problem, but boy was I wrong!

When you first touch the Bandelettes you will notice how lovely the material feels; and of course I tried them on as soon as I received them and way pleasantly surprised at how secure the inner silicone feels, and held a good grip on my thighs. And of course, the test was to walk in them… and here I noticed how nice and smooth they feel.

To top this all off, once again, these babies simply look sexy!

I wore them that week on an evening to a dinner party, and they were very comfortable to wear. With it being Summer, the heat is obviously on the high side, and I imagined wearing these would bother me… but again I was wrong and they simply felt smooth! They held up a tight grip to my thighs, without any need to reinforce them or pull them up throughout the evening.


Bandelettes are currently available in black or nude, and are available for delivery worldwide, so plus size women the world over can enjoy these sexy accessories. Also, each pair sells for just $14.99, which I think is a pretty good deal!

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, and sexy way, to address your inner thigh chafing problem do consider Bandelettes! You can read more on them, find your size and order them online at

Bandelettes: The Chub Rub Killer!


Review by Sandra Negron posted on her La Pecosa Preciosa Blog on July 2, 2013


Hi Lovies,

How many of you suffer from the annoying “chub rub” or chafing of the inner thighs for rubbing together  from walking?? I know I do, and it’s not a good feeling especially during the hot and humid summer in NYC. I have tried many different remedies to prevent chafing, like using powder,deodorant, wearing shorts etc, but they all failed in one way or another. Up until recently when I came across Tanesha’s post from Girl with Curves about this amazing products called Bandelettes.



Bandelettes are these nifty little circular lace bands that go around the upper thigh to prevent chafing. They are almost like the top of a pair of thigh highs but do the work that using powder or deodorant would do. I have to say Bandelettes are pretty freaking amazing! I immediately ordered a pair in nude right after reading Tanesha’s post and can you believe they arrived the next day! I had them delivered to my job and since I was wearing a dress that day (with shorts underneath to prevent chafing!) I immediately tried them. It was basically love at first walk and I haven’t taken them off (well only to sleep) for the last 4 days!





The lace is super soft and delicate but still sturdy enough to withstand hours of constant friction as well as being sexy and dainty. You could also wear them under shorts for a chic and stylish look. They have these rubber strips that go around the top and bottom of the inner band to keep them in place on the thigh. In order to find out what size you are, you have to use a tape measure and measure the thickest part of your thigh. So if you measure 26″ (like me) then you would order a size C. They are true to size to make sure you order as close to your size as possible, if they’re too big, you risk them falling down. They do roll down a tiny bit at the back where the thigh meets the butt cheek. But nothing to the point where it becomes annoying and you have to keep pulling them up. To wash Bandelettes rinse with cold water, scrub gently with mild detergent and air dry. All in all, Bandelettes are the cat’s meow and I can now say goodbye to the pesky “chub rub” forever!!



Thanks to the folks at Bandelettes for letting me use their pictures.

Have you heard of Bandelettes? I’d love to hear what you think of them!
Until next time lovies!
~ Sandra
La Pecosa Preciosa

Just Say No To Chub-Rub!


Review by Kaelah Bee posted on June 29,2013 on her Little Chief Honeybee Blog.

What a strange post title, yea? Well, unless you’re a victim of dreaded chafing. In that case, you know all you want to know (and probably more) about this not-so-fun experience. Louise Hung wrote a really great XOJane article about chub-rub a few months back and she even included some of her own homegrown remedies. I’ve heard everything from deodorant to Monistat gels and baby powder. The (well, my) problem with all of these is simple: you have to reapply. And reapply and reapply. Imagine walking around an amusement park and feeling the sting resurface. You don’t want to just bend over and start applying some strange salve to your lady trunks right? Haha Awkward!


Since I hate that aspect of those remedies, naturally I would gravitate toward bike shorts or Spanx under my dresses. Have any of you been to Tennessee in the summer? It’s like walking around in a sauna. Hot and humid! All of that added moisture does us curvy folk no favors. This year it’s simply been too hot to squeeze myself into contouring tube of Lycra. Normally I just do my thing in my dresses and let that be that (and then sometimes waddle my way into bed by the end of it all. Hey, we’re being honest here, right?!)


Anyway, once Julia from Bandelettes got in touch about sponsoring LCH I became intrigued. Bandelettes are stretchy lace “anti-chafing” bands that have two rows of “stay up silicone” that help keep them on your legs. They come in both nude and black. She wanted to send me some Bandelettes to try for myself and see if it was the right fit for blog. I took my thigh measurements and sent them in to Julia for her to send me the appropriate size garments.

I wasn’t sure if something so simple would actually be beneficial honestly. I’m a natural skeptic. However I wore mine around for a couple of weeks and actually found them pretty comfortable. Certainly much more comfortable than suffocating Spanx or nothing at all. They’re designed to be quite sexy, even though that’s the last adjective I’d use to describe me. You can wear them so they peek out under your shorts/skirt, or you can keep them hidden. As silly as it sounds, I don’t stress over a small gust of wind if the lace shows for a moment. It’s kind of a sexy/fun thing to wear under casual dresses.

A Sexy Solution


Read Review by Tanesha Awashti posted on GirlWithCurves Blog on June 24, 2013




Let’s be honest: chafing isn’t sexy, but it’s an issue lots of us face, yet rarely discuss. Throughout the years, I’ve heard many solutions floating around my group of girlfriends: deodorant, vaseline, runner’s lube, body-glide, the list goes on. Recently though, I came across a solution that’s un-embarrassing, chic, affordable and sexy!

Bandelettes is a product that’s redefining the taboo topic of thigh chafing. The anti-chafing thigh bands are made of delicately crafted stretch lace that lightly wrap around thighs and create a barrier to prevent skin rubbing and chafing. They’re patented and trademarked, ultra comfy, and I can say from experience, they stay up all day without slipping or discomfort. The key to Bandelettes working their best is taking your thigh measurement with a flexible measuring tape, while standing. The company was kind enough to send me a couple pairs to try out, and I’m loving them!

I didn’t expect to love them as much as I do ...


Read Bandelettes Review posted on Curves,Cults, Curls Blog by Danielle Roulx


I know most of you want to break out your skirts and dresses now that the weather is warmer. Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of questions about preventing chafing, better known as “chub rub”. Over the years, I’ve avoided chub rub by wearing tights or leggings. A few readers suggested products from Monostat – which help prevent and relieve chafing.

In reality, not everyone wants to wear stockings during the summer – and with the amount of sweat I build up in my thigh area, I can’t keep up on applying chemical product. Your questions led me to search for a product that would be easy to use during the summer months. And I found Bandelettes!

Bandelettes are the cute little tan lace yoo-hoos I’m wearing in the picture. They look like the tops of thigh-highs but are worn alone in the upper thigh area to prevent chub rub.

I didn’t expect to love them as much as I do – I have no complaints. After a day of walking in the city, they needed minimal adjustments. On top of that, they are sexy. If you check out Bianca’s post about Bandelettes, you can see how she styled a black pair under her shorts.

Bandelettes are $14.99/pair and come in tan and black. I suggest ordering your pair true to size. If you are 24.4” at the largest part of your thigh (like me), order a size B. If you size up, you risk the chance of them sliding around on you.

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I'm sharing my new secret weapon against the terrible chub rub!


Another Bandelettes Review by Katie Frost on her Blog “Hems for Her” posted on June 14, 2013

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After my most recent complaint about “chub-rub”, the ladies at Bandelettes offered to send me a sample of their inner thigh guards to try out and review for you- my fellow chafing sufferers. The idea is simple. Imagine wearing the upper band of a pair of thigh highs- keeps your thighs from rubbing together, right? Well, that’s what Bandelettes are, except better!

I hate wearing thigh highs because they are constantly rolling down.However, Bandelettes are about twice the size of the band on traditional thigh highs and have a double-row of stay-put silicone. I wore them all day in the southern heat and humidity, and they didn’t budge! In fact, I totally forgot about them completely. The only thing I missed was the stomach smoothing capabilities of my Spanx or bike shorts. However, when it’s 90 degrees or hotter outside, it was wonderful to not feel suffocated with heavy Lycra.

The price point of $14.99 is very reasonable as well. I got the nude pair for review, and I will definitely be buying a few more pairs to keep in rotation. I pretty much live in dresses and skirts, so this is perfect for me. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Katie Frost Blog Picture

Introducing Bandelettes, a Sexy New Way to Prevent Thigh Chafing


Please check Bandelettes Review by Bevin Branlandingham posted on her “The Queer Fat Femme Guide to Life” Blog on June 07,2013

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This blog post is brought to you in partnership with Bandelettes. Like me, Bandelettes agree that people of all sizes should get to enjoy as many fashion opportunities as possible free from chub rub. The words and opinions are all mine.

Ever since I learned there was something one could do to prevent chub rub while wearing dresses I have become somewhat of a magpie about remedies and prevention strategies. I have a whole round-up post about the causes and myriad prevention strategies for thigh chafing.

Bandelettes are a strategy that doesn’t involve creams, lotions or reapplication. They are bands of stretchy lace 6″ long and silicone grippers that fit on your thighs where the chafe is most egregious and prevent the rubbing.

1001  across

I was a bit dubious at first, having been wildly disappointed by thigh high stockings in the past where the silicone gripper was meant to keep them up and failed horribly. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well Bandelettes performed!

You order Bandelettes based on the measurements of one thigh. You just take a tape measure and wrap it where your thighs are the chaffiest (where the Bandelettes will go) and send that into the wonderful women in Staten Island who captain this endeavor. Bands come in 5 sizes – A – 21-22″, B-23-24″, C – 25-26″, D-27-28″ and E – 29-30″. They also are ready to sell size F – 31-32″ but with different lace pattern not as shown on pictures.


My thigh is about 29 inches. so technically I’m an E, though they sent me the D and that actually fit me really well. And everyone wears their fat differently (never forget the myriad of body diversity within size fat), and everyone, even skinny folks, can succumb to thigh chafing.

I got my test pair last weekend when we had a freak late Spring heat wave.

Bandelettes are light–like tiny pieces of lingerie for your thighs. And they are actually pretty sexy. The beige ones are only a slight bit darker than my very pale thighs, but I think the black ones would look like cute lingerie peeking out from under a mini skirt or short shorts.

Imagine how hot this would look with a fat, round ass.

My tender, chafe free thighs are scared to try new things, so I started with just a trip to the store. I put them on and adjusted them to the biggest part of my thigh, using the fat at the top of my inner thigh to hold onto the lace. They fit snugly there and were really comfortable. It didn’t feel like “nothing,” I was always aware that they were on me, but it was kind of like underwear on my thighs and not uncomfortable.

It felt much more free than wearing bike shorts, thigh shapers or even leggings. After walking to the store, I hung out in them for the rest of my evening and they felt fine, they never bothered me.

The ultimate test was the next day when I wore them to the beach. They lasted the whole day, through sweat and walking a really long way and held up great. I was a little nervous at one point that they might shift around but they never did. I’m sold on Bandelettes!

The packaging warns against wearing them over lotions or other creams because it could degrade the silicone. Hand wash, etc…

Bandelettes are so tiny they could easily fold up and tuck into your purse. They weigh less than my tiny travel body glide (my go-to clear chub rub prevention cream) and don’t melt in hot weather, which is why I took them to the beach!

At $14.99 Bandelettes are a bargain. Literally a third of the cost of a good pair of thigh shapers, and just a bit more than a tube of body glide.

Bandelettes also rule because, if you’re in a sexy situation, having some pieces of lace on your thighs is a lot sexier for spontaneous sexy times than having to excuse yourself to wriggle out of a pair of compression thigh shapers (how many times have I hastily shoved those in the bathroom of a queer bar, praying we weren’t going to walk very far).

I only wish there was a more gender-neutral version of Bandelettes, because as we know, chub rub affects all gender presentations!

I highly recommend adding Bandelettes to your summer arsenal! I’ve added them to my tips for preventing thigh chafing post, along with a great new natural remedy I picked up from another fat femme friend!



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Protect your Thighs from Chafing with Bandelettes


Please check Bandelettes Review by Bianca Vaccarini – fashion blogger from San Diego, CA. April 23,2013

What really started this blog beyond just my frustration with sizing was the constant pain between my thighs after walking long hours in 80 degree weather. If you have been following my blog from the beginning you have seen the progression of tips and tricks for dealing with chafing. It first started with Death By Chub Rub, then it was Advanced Tricks for Thick Thighs that Chafe. Well thanks to the internet and social media, I have been introduced to a level of protection that is both a bit sexy and functional.

Bandelettes are pretty awesome. They have the functionality and protection of jeans, with the sexy accessory aspect of thigh-high tights but the advanced protection of deodorant and baby powder. I spent a few days testing them out. I wore them under skirts, under shorts and under dresses just to see how long they can hold up and how many wears they can take. Bandelettes provided me with both black and nude pairs for versatility and they feel super comfortable under all of my feminine bottoms.

I tried them with a few different outfits and wore them for several hours in both hot and mild weather.

Here is a little sneak peak at what’s under my skirt (;




My overall review of the product is a positive one. I enjoyed the sexy look of Bandelettes under my skirts. They are both comfortable and affordable to average person and are stretchy to accommodated a variety of thigh sizes. The only downside to them is that they tend to slip a little, so if you are wearing a short skirt you have to pull them up regularly or people can see them peeking out from under your skirt. But besides that they are easy to wear, easy to pair and perfectly functional for every-day outfits. Like I said in the Youtube review, if my DIY tricks for protecting yourself from chafing didn’t work, try Bandelettes. At just $14.99 it is worth the risk of buying something online.

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